VOID Interactive presents a new gameplay of Ready or Not.

VOID Interactive has unveiled a new gameplay-trailer for Ready or Not, a new tactical shooter with strong components of realism and cooperation. We have 8 minutes of commented gameplay in which different aspects of the video game are explained to us.

Extreme tactical style

Ready Or Not is a tactical shooter characterized by its realism and necessary cooperation between colleagues. This project has been in development since 2016, but it was not announced until May 5, 2017 through a cinematic trailer. Since then we have not had great news, however it seems that the video game is preparing to make itself known in a more active way. During the 8 minutes that the new trailer-gameplay lasts, we will be able to see different aspects of the video game: Gameplay, game modes, mechanical how to reduce and arrest enemies, and lessons, as well as weapons and tools that we can use.

VOID Interactive presents a new gameplay of Ready or Not

In the shoes of a SWAT from the United States, we can choose between different modes: History, Cooperative and / or PVP (Player vs. Player), including competitive. We explore the experience of being a police officer, specifically SWAT, and what the assaults they must carry out in sensitive situations. Collaboration is an essential point and very repeated throughout the gameplay. In addition, we can customize our entire team and coordinate with our colleagues so that the team is as prepared as possible for any situation.

Recognition and planning

Like we have seen in Rainbow six siege With drones, Ready or Not will also have recognition thanks to different types of drones. This will be essential, as we will find numerous traps, obstacles and enemies until we reach our goal. This recognition may even be carried out through doors with certain specific devices. This allows creation of pre-assault or on-site strategies, testing the planning and improvisation skills of the players alike. How we decide to face situations is up to us, Ready Or Not offers us infinite possibilities.

VOID Interactive presents a new gameplay of Ready or Not

The player’s life is revalued in Ready Or Not: Dying is easy. Let’s remember that we are facing a tactical and realistic shooter, that is why not only our lives are fragile and valuable, but also those of all our colleagues. One life can make a difference. The obtaining information It will be a primary element, not only through drones, but also through enemy radios, for example.

Finally, we can see the gunplay simulation (how the guns feel): bullets will penetrate different materials Depending on their caliber and weapons, they will have a powerful personality, each one will have its own behavior. Knowing these aspects will be essential for the player.

VOID Interactive presents a new gameplay of Ready or Not

Ready or not is now available for reservation on PC and will be launched in 2020. In addition, it will feature a Beta in June 2020 and a Limited Access Alpha in August 2019.

What do you think of this new information from Ready or Not? Do you like the game? Do you think it has potential? Tell us in comments.

VOID Interactive presents a new gameplay of Ready or Not