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I must say immediately that the authors The vocation of emptiness You don’t position the game as a porn parody of anything. This is a visual novel, crossed with RPG, there is a pretty interesting plot, dialogues, quests, fights, pumping, trading and even routine. There are just a lot more beautiful girls and more or less candid scenes. But in addition, a dating simulation or a full game?

Why does it look like The Witcher?

Protagonists The vocation of emptiness His name is Forlan, and he really looks like Geralt: long hair, a sword behind his back, increased female attention and commissioned work, to save the world from bandits, carrots, swamps (he almost wrote “Utopias “) And so on . unpleasant. And it belongs to the so-called Pure: it is an analogue of the witch hunters. In other words, Forlán and others like him roam the continent and seek out those who, with their magical gift, willfully or unintentionally “violate world harmony.”

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And then once the call of the Void (in the world The vocation of emptiness It’s Something Like Chaos) takes you to the town of Krazengoph, where you must find the obsessed: a wizard (or a witch? Forlan isn’t sure for sure) who broke the law. It will not be easy to do, especially since at the beginning our hero cannot enter the castle of the local baron or the burgomaster. Looking for the obsessives alone or looking for help from someone from the locals (or rather the residents)?

In any case, you will not be bored in Krazenngorf: the Void is already poisoning the minds of the townspeople, gradually filling their souls with madness and lust …

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Why not the warlock?

How many good girls

This is all similar to the plot of an erotic novel, and in principle The vocation of emptiness and this is: the game does not shrink from the phrases in the mind of “He drew and pushed his sword back into a malleable sheath” or “He felt his sleeping bud reopen”. Forlana is surrounded by beautiful girls at every turn, whether she is a herbalist, saved first from the robber brothers, or from her mother still quite young and pretty, or from the wife of the owner of the tavern, or the waitress at the same place, or the assistant, or the owner of the store or brothel that we need …

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And so, unless in a brothel or with a girl on the street, the hero immediately, without further delay, manages to get down to business. In other cases, the classic dating simulator rules come into effect. That is, you need to communicate with the girl for a long time, do the right thing and answer questions (is it better to openly flirt, invite to dance or just start talking?), Look at some details before you denounce her your direction, and finally “Race to sex. ”

Some girls, like the aforementioned herbalist Ilga or the mysterious stranger who touches Forlán’s room, do not conform to the usual standards: they are important characters for the plot, whose relationships are built in a special way. For Forlan, it is almost the same as Ian and Triss for Geralt, that is to say that it is not about “divorce by sex”, but about love stories or great passion. .

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Void Calling game review

There is no peace for Forlán.

And here are the girls themselves

In any case, all the girls are really beautiful in their own way. See for yourself. And at the same time, write in the comments that you liked the most!

But it’s also an interesting game …

Make sure? Now calm down and read on. Despite all these feminine charms and phrases from typical erotic novels, The vocation of emptiness It’s always interesting as a game. First of all, there is a completely intriguing plot, built, I remember, in search of the obsessed magician, and not exclusively on carnal pleasures. We communicate with the inhabitants of the city, we learn from rumors, we try to raise our reputation to get a date with the baron and the burgomaster, we help the herbalist and we even protect him. And little by little, we started to feel that someone was also starting to follow Forlán, and even throw a lich in his path.

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This story, as it should be in visual short stories, is quite non-linear. And the point is not just that someone turns out to be high for sex, but someone doesn’t: there is a plot of non-linearity (although that’s it, I have to admit, it’s is almost inseparable from each other), leading to different purposes. .

Void Calling game review

Something in all of these fraternities, Pure and Sense, seems very familiar …

… And almost RPG

Secondly, there are some pretty serious RPG elements. Forlán grows in levels, in pumping force or in dexterity. You can train the same settings in your room in the tavern before entering town. And outside of Krazenngorf (and sometimes in the streets of the city) the hunter fights with bandits and monsters.Void Calling game review

It can be pumped using the classic routine.

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The fights are framed in the text, and we choose which action to take: a regular strike, power, fury or feint. In this case, the probability of hitting is determined by throwing an invisible cube, either by chance.

In any case, it is better to assess the enemy first, and then act according to the classic scheme, as fast and skillful enemies are likely to dodge their power attacks, and for slow and powerful feints. , they will be similar to mosquito bites. Therefore, the most effective tactic is often to defend yourself with counterattacks. I mean, in general you fight The vocation of emptiness not very deep, but not primitive. Unless that gives you a random power: you can wait long enough for someone from the enemies or Forlán himself to finally take effective action.

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Void Calling game review

The more we pump, the more serious the enemies.

And a few more facts:

  • You can walk through the local forests and fight at least all day until the sun goes down and we are forced to sleep in a tavern. Bring money and experience.
  • Money is spent on the purchase of healing potions, new equipment (weapons and armor of different quality levels), and spa treatments at a local bath. After all, if you fight and do not wash for a long time, Forlan begins to suck, then most meetings and dialogues in the city will be inaccessible.
  • You have to take care of your reputation: this opens up new possibilities, such as talking to the mayor or seeing orders on the bulletin board.
  • Please note that each transition between areas and shops in the city takes time to play, and some events and characters are only available at certain times of the day. Therefore, there is a button “Wait”, ie skip a certain number of hours.
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Void Calling game review

Like a true hired hunter, Forlan must monitor the weapon’s condition.


The vocation of emptiness – One thing in its own way. A visual novel with an erotic bias (to say the least), but not about the usual anime and “hawks”, but about medieval fantasy in the mind. L’assistant and beautiful European women. Dating simulator, which is interesting both as an adventure storyline and as a nearly complete RPG, even if it’s text. If you like these things and are already 18 years old, the game is definitely worth knowing. For some reason, I’m sure you’ll want to watch the sequel for sure (just the first episode for now).

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Benefits: Interesting story; charismatic hero; quite addicting game at the crossroads of a visual novel, a dating simulator and a text RPG; many beautiful girls;

Disadvantages: random battles can be very long; sometimes it’s not very clear what the game expects from us and what should be done next; The specific language of erotic novels, which depict the corresponding scenes, is often fun, rather than exciting, although this is a matter of taste.

Source: The Verge