It was finally presented in its entirety, after several teasers and to reveal only some of its characteristics, Volkswagen presented the Volkswagen ID.4 totally. It’s the first Fully electric SUV of the company, as they themselves indicate, and comes with the idea of ​​conquering an increasingly promising market. Let’s see what this Volkswagen ID.4 brings inside.

It was first the Volkswagen ID.3 and now it is the turn of its big brother the Volkswagen ID.4 to be presented. The electric SUV will start reaching the first customers in 2021, although you can already book and know all its features in detail. With the idea of ​​fully switching to the electric market, Volkswagen is taking one of its first big steps with this SUV.

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Design and interior of the Volkswagen ID.4

So far we’ve only been able to see the Volkswagen ID.4 with its camouflage (although something is leaking), but they have finally revealed its exterior design in all its glory. It is a compact SUV with smooth contours which help boost its aerodynamics. At first glance, the absence of the radiator grille or its slightly raised rear part stands out. As for the wheels, you can fit 20 or 21 inch wheels.

Volkswagen ID.4

If we go inside maintains an understated design that tries to remind you of traditional cars. Its upholstery in two colors also contrasts with other elements such as the steering wheel or the steering column. Perhaps there is a saturation of the materials and therefore different colors in the interior. Well here, never better said, for color tastes.

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Volkswagen ID.4

In the technological section we see the almost total absence of physical buttons and the presence of prominent screens for entertainment and information displays. It can come with a 10 inch or 12 inch screen depending on whether you choose the Normal model or the Max model. The Max model, moreover, is a slightly more equipped version.

The Volkswagen ID.4 has a voice assistant with natural language recognition, projection of information on the windshield, compatibility with Android Auto, CarPlay and Mirror Link or the We Connect ID app to remotely control certain aspects of the car. Car can assist with parking, give a lane departure warning, brake in an emergency and recognize certain signs.

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Volkswagen ID.4

The performance of the Volkswagen ID.4

In the engine section, this first edition of the Volkswagen ID.4 brings a 150 kW electric motor (equivalent to 204 hp) with 310 Nm of torque. Its traction is rear. This engine allows you to obtain a maximum speed limited to 160 km / h acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds. Volkswagen claims a towing capacity of 1000 kilograms, as we saw a few weeks ago.

Volkswagen ID.4

To give life to this engine it has a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 77 kWh. This allows you to achieve 520 kilometers of range approved in the WLTP cycle, as they had already advised in March of this year. The Volkswagen ID.4 is capable of recharging itself for 320 km of range in half an hour using its maximum load of 125 kW DC. Volkswagen promises that the deterioration of the battery will not be so great, with a capacity of 70% after eight years of use or around 160,000 kilometers driven.

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Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 price and availability

All the above data refer to la version First Edition de la Volkswagen ID.4, which is an initial and limited edition of 27,000 copies. Volkswagen is expected to present an even more basic version and therefore a lower price.

Volkswagen ID.4

As for the price itself, Volkswagen has shown the estimate for Germany, which is said to be similar in Spain and elsewhere. The Volkswagen ID.4 will be priced at 49,950 euros and the Volkswagen ID.4 Max at 59,950 euros. Both models will start shipping in early 2021.

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Source : Engadget