There are many electric motorcycles, which reach a few more than 400 km / h. This however was Venturi’s purpose, who with his Voxan Wattman has broken a total of eleven speed records in recent days. After such a feat, it is time to meet the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Voxan together with expert rider Max Biaggi have been planning this for a long time. In fact, the initial idea was to break the speed record last July at the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Things did not go as planned due to COVID-19, so they have postponed that event to next year. Meanwhile, this past week they went to Marcel Dassault airport in Châteauroux (France) to test his motorcycle.

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Voxan wattman

Eleven records and a top speed of 408 km / h

Said and done. During a series of tests carried out over three days, the manufacturer Venturi managed nothing more and nothing less than to break a total of eleven records of the twelve that were proposed. As indicated, the maximum speed reached during the three days was 408 km / h.

Of all the records, the most important for the manufacturer was that of “partially aerodynamic electric motorcycles weighing more than 300 kilos”. A long title, but it essentially means an electric motorcycle that has been designed with the purpose of breaking the speed record. In this category reached 366.94 km / h, thus surpassing the 329 km / h that the Japanese pilot Ryuji Tsuruta achieved with the Mobitec EV-02A.

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Voxan wattman

Voxan wattman

However, one may think that the motorcycle being designed specifically for this purpose is normal for it to reach such speeds. Well, partly yes, but it also achieves insane speed in its “normal” version. With a non-aerodynamic version, the Voxan Wattman had a speed of 349.38 km / h.

So what about 408 km / h? The top speed that the electric motorcycle achieved was that, but it is not the speed that the International Motorcycling Federation considers valid. To set the speed record, you must run two one-mile races in opposite directions. The average speed of those two races is the one taken as valid speed. Therefore, the bike reached 408 km / h, but its average speed is 366.94 km / h for the aerodynamic version and 349.38 km / h for the non-aerodynamic version.

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Voxan wattman

Voxan wattman

Additionally, the bike now also holds a total of nine more world records:

  • 1/4 mile, fast exit, partially aerodynamic: 394.45 km / h
  • 1/4 mile, fast exit, non-aerodynamic: 357.19 km / h
  • 1 km, fast start, partially aerodynamic: 386.35 km / h
  • 1/4 mile, stationary start, non-aerodynamic: 126.20 km / h
  • 1/4 mile, stationary start, partially aerodynamic: 127.30 km / h
  • 1 km, stationary start, non-aerodynamic: 185.56 km / h
  • 1 km, stationary start, partially aerodynamic: 191.84 km / h
  • 1 mile, stationary start, non-aerodynamic: 222.82 km / h
  • 1 mile, stationary start, partially aerodynamic: 225.01 km / h

The power of Voxan Wattman

Venturi acquired the Voxan Motors brand a decade ago with one purpose in mind: to electrify it. Over the following years they worked on it to bring to light one of their star electric motorcycles, the Voxan Wattman. This engineering work has been present since 2013, but it was in 2019 when they decided to make a high performance version. A version to break records.

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The new version of the bike has been slightly modified inside and especially on the outside. The main addition is the aerodynamic bodywork which has allowed him to break the speed record. Normally, to brake the motorcycle after crossing the line, some parachute or extra braking system is used. In this case it was not the case, in order to save weight and volume they only used the rear brake to brake.

Voxan wattman

Voxan wattman

If we go inside the Voxan Wattman we find a about 425 horsepower engine capable of giving us a power of 317 kW. In fact, it is the same engine that Mercedes uses in its Formula E car. It uses a 15.9 kWh battery to move the engine. It may seem relatively small and similar to that of any electric motorcycle, but it does not need its objective of short-distance races where maximum power is sought in a very short time.

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On the other hand, it is relevant to highlight the cooling system using the Voxan Wattman. As they revealed to us in July this year, it has a dry ice cooling system. This is so so as not to break the aerodynamics of the bike with a radiator. Instead the CO2 in this solid is distributed around the motor and battery to cool the components.

Voxan wattman

Voxan wattman

If you are wondering how much this rocket on wheels costs, we don’t have the answer. Venturi has not designed this bike to be put up for sale but rather to break the different speed records. However, they do not rule out selling a limited edition in the future. What is clear is that they are going for more records, the next one in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia next July.

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