VT: Follow the war the Pc Master Race.

Follow the war the Pc Master Race

Following the rapid advance, multiple Steam users have fled into the woods becoming partisan. A massive recruitment campaign has been launched to attract all users to fight against “the evil consoler”

(Numerous professional analysts indicate that the anime style of their propaganda posters is used to provoke desertions on the Japanese side of the big N)

VT: Follow the war the Pc Master Race

It is known that the corpse of Henry Edward Roberts It has been evacuated to safer areas due to the enemy advance. Millions of computers destroyed in the war are counted.

Nintendo has enforced the “Unique Development” law and every Indi developer will be executed. This has caused Indi weapons production to skyrocket and they resist until the end. Several Indian companies have fallen but the resistance is fierce. Many who previously received the Nintenderos as brothers repulsed them when the Origin Massacre was discovered, where all the developers who refused to create video games for the Wii U and the Wii were eliminated. In the words of a soldier who has deserted: “Computer components reached our ankles”

VT: Follow the war the Pc Master Race

These statements have been a worldwide scandal and Maho Nishizumi has said about this:

– “This is just a crude attempt to wear down our glorious figure. Our master race will win and we will create an order where only the best players can exist”

VT: Follow the war the Pc Master Race

(Nintendo propaganda to recruit new soldiers)

Rumors of the War:

It is said that various neutral companies such as “Activision” “Ubisoft” “Electronic Arts” and “Konami” are developing a weapon to join a side of the war. Miho Nishisumi has flown to one of their top secret meetings to negotiate with them. Will this weapon change the future of war?

VT: Follow the war the Pc Master Race

Front Sony-Microsoft

Microsoft has developed strong anti-viruses that have prevented an invasion. Maho is outraged about this and continues to press with her attacks but not even the powerful NX can destroy these barriers. The leaders of Sega have met with the leaders of the developers who refuse to work for Nintendo. At the end they have signed the pact “Keyboard-Command” Where multiple Indis developers who only developed for computer will begin to create new games for these two consoles

Front Apple

Every time the mobile market falls more into the hands of the evil Apple thanks to the support of the big N with its big franchises. Their operating systems are in every phone. Many mobile users have criticized this but are silenced (from Social networks and other applications, for heavy)

Every time we have more doubts and fewer answers, will the development of that terrible weapon exist? What will it be? Who will win? Will Nintendo keep this advantage? Will Apple become synonymous with relying on Nintendo? Will the war end soon?

VT: Follow the war the Pc Master Race