Vue cinema subscription review – Is a Vue Movie Pass for you?.

Movie summer is already on the rise with Incredibles 2, Jurassic World and Ocean’s 8. All those tickets put together cost a lot of money that you might be able to save by using a cinema subscription. In this serial we take a closer look at three: Pathé Unlimited, Vue and Cineville. LauraJenny sinks into a Vue cinema seat today.

Vue’s answer to Pathé Unlimited is the Vue Movie Pass. The subscription costs the same as Pathé’s cheapest Unlimited, namely 19 euros per month. Again, any surcharges for 3D films are excluded, although the XD experience and Dolby Atmos surcharge is included here. In addition, as with Pathé, you have a 10 percent discount on drinks and snacks from the buffet and you have to take out the subscription for at least 4 months.

Vue cinema subscription review – Is a Vue Movie Pass for you?

A matter of location

Just like in my story about the Pathépas, at Vue it is also primarily a matter of location. If you live near a Vue cinema, you will not take out a Pathé subscription and vice versa. Moreover, both cinema operators offer the same options as such. IMAX is the only thing that Pathé has above Vue, but Vue offers more choice in seat types. They also often call things slightly different. Pathé has the 4DX film experience in which the sound is of extra good quality and the seats also move with the action. Vue has its own variation on this: D box seats in the XD rooms.

Anyway, anyone who has recently been to Pathé de Munt or Pathé Arena has already seen it: there is also a lot of work going on when it comes to seating comfort. Love seats can be booked, seats are a little further apart and that is probably mainly an answer to Vue, which was immediately based on offering different types of seats. You have VIP seats, Deluxe seats, D-Box seats and regular seats to choose from. The VIP seats are made of leather with a headrest and adjustable backrest.

Vue cinema subscription review – Is a Vue Movie Pass for you?

Slightly less easy to enter

So you can enjoy your Vue movie, but the process of entering is not very efficient. You don’t have to pick up your ticket at a machine, but you do need to show your physical card and the app. However, there is a difference in the app between your cinema ticket and seats, so you have two different actions within the app. Moreover, you must show your card, which is not included in the app. Not very useful if you have popcorn and cola in your hands. If you have no coverage for a while, which happens quite regularly at the auditorium, you have to walk all the way back to the entrance of the cinema to show your information. My tip is therefore: screenshot everything in advance.

Although you can watch more or less the same films, the disadvantage of Vue is that there are not many cinemas yet, so the enormous concentration of Pathé’s that you can choose from in Amsterdam, for example, does not apply to Vue. Alkmaar and Heerhugowaard or Purmerend and Hoorn, for example, are close to each other, and in Nijmegen there are two, but so far Vue is still very scattered and they are also in places that are perhaps a bit more unknown, such as Hoogezand and Kerkrade instead of Groningen and Rotterdam.

Vue cinema subscription review – Is a Vue Movie Pass for you?

3 … 2 … 1 … Pause

That does not necessarily have to be negative, because Vue has now settled on locations where there will be a great need for a cinema. It is also all a bit more local, which gives a completely different feeling when you visit a cinema. The fact that there is also a break makes the experience a bit more social. Incidentally, that break is really something you should love: you notice that many people still sit there, while others gratefully use the bathroom break after their first beer, to then score another one for the second half. It is very personal whether you are waiting for that break, because I find it very distracting, for example: during the film I already think of gosh it takes quite a long time, when is that break? And sometimes I forget at all during the break which movie I was watching again. Just give me bam all at once, the whole movie.

Furthermore, Vue is almost the same as Pathé in terms of offer. It has a blockbuster night where you can see a big new movie, there are premieres especially for ticket holders, movie marathons and there is a girls night. There is also attention for opera, gaming, ballet and Bollywood, which is the same as with Pathé. There is one thing that Vue is getting ahead of, and that’s the Meet The Cast movies, where you come face to face with people from the cast and ask them questions about the movie. That is something with which a cinema can certainly put itself on the map of film lovers.

Vue cinema subscription review – Is a Vue Movie Pass for you?

If you want a slightly more personal cinema evening, Vue is probably a better choice than Pathé’s film factories. However, it can be even more personal, but I will tell you all about that in the upcoming review of the Cineville pass.

The Pathé Cinema subscription review previously appeared in this serial and on July 25 I will tell you everything about the Cineville pass cinema subscription.

Vue cinema subscription review – Is a Vue Movie Pass for you?