‘Wanted’, a la Guy Ritchie with a few French drops.

‘SE busca’ It is a 2002 production, released in 2003, and it arrived in our country a couple of weeks ago. Yes, another one of those inexplicable cases in which a film takes several years to be released in our country, for whatever strange reason. In this case, with Gérard Depardieu at the head of a more or less well-known cast, and with a minimally acceptable promotional campaign, they would have managed to attract a good number of spectators to see it. Of course, if they have been influenced by the lack of success in their country of origin, then there is already some logic. And his country of origin is nothing more and nothing less than four, France, USA, Canada and England. Of all of them, and their respective cinematographies, drink something.

‘SE busca’ tells the story of a group of small-time French criminals tasked by their boss with a jewelry heist at a Chicago home. Once in the USA, they prepare the robbery very quickly and make a small mistake: they go to the wrong house, and end up robbing an important gangster, with which things take a very different turn.

The film moves between comedy and thriller, with a very clear inspiration from Guy Ritchie’s films, specifically ‘Lock & Stock’ Y ‘Snatch’. This happens especially when the film is well advanced, and the plot allows the director, Brad Mirman, to play with the enormous number of characters that come to appear in the film. In the style of Ritchie, they come together, separate and come back together in consecutive scenes without being aware that they are really looking for each other, until the precise moment, obviously, where everything explodes as you can imagine. Interestingly, and despite the obvious influence, others will say a copy, of the films by the aforementioned English director, that part is the best treated part of the film and the one that makes the viewer more entertaining. An effective entertainment that makes you have a good time, even if there is nothing special to remember afterwards.

‘Wanted’, a la Guy Ritchie with a few French drops

Until the film is animated in this way, we are witnessing a very French thriller, in fact its beginning is in Paris, and it has all the constants of the typical current French police comedies. When changing country, the director also changes the treatment, creating a certain imbalance in the final ensemble. Even the plot excuse that is used for criminals to travel to the United States is truly unbelievable and almost ridiculous.

The actors are not that they are sensational, but they move through the film like a fish in water. Gerard Depardieu perhaps he is a little more bland than usual, and his character may be the worst treated of all. Johnny Halliday and Renaud star in a fun moment that is nothing more than a tribute to their respective careers as songwriters and singers, and the truth is that this healthy competition could have been used much more. On the other hand, the second has a richer role than the first. And finally, Harvey Keitel, the mythical actor seen in a lot of no less mythical films, such as ‘The Duelists’, ‘Blue Collar’, ‘Death Live’ or ‘Thelma & Luise’ to name just a few. few. It seems that Keitel is having the best time of all, and it really is a joy to see him on screen, playing a gangster who almost seems like a poor parody of one of the thousands of characters taken from Scorsese’s films, at which by the way Keitel knows very well.

‘Wanted’, a la Guy Ritchie with a few French drops

A passable film, with which to spend a more or less entertaining time, without being too demanding and to which its lack of pretensions is appreciated. It is no wonder, but of course it is infinitely preferable to many other current productions that enjoy a certain prestige. Of course, its walk through our billboards will be meteoric, if they haven’t already removed it from theaters, I wouldn’t be surprised. By the way, the title that they have given here is another demonstration that whoever chooses those titles should be dedicated to something else.