Apprentice Guide: Damage & Numbers

 Good day! Last time we, dear readers, figured out where to stomp in the Orbiter and where to poke. And now, presumably, after several planets and hundreds or two of knocked out objects, your weapon (and frame) stop killing everything with 1-2 hits. The question arises: what and how to put on your tools for mutilation?

As you remember, our layout is customizable in the arsenal, and thanks to mods, we make it stronger. Of course, you can just put everything in a row, increasing the coveted damage numbers. And in fact, at the beginning there is no other way out, because the choice is not enough. But the arsenal is not only rich in numbers.

Damage types

 Let’s get straight to the point – your cannon has several damage indicators. Each of them can work as a status effect applied to the enemy. Also, depending on who is on the other end of the barrel, you can do both more or less damage to your target. 

Let’s start with a simple one – what kind of damage and what effects it imposes, and only then I’ll tell you in what ways you can implement it. There are two types – physical and elemental. 

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The physical includes:

  • Slash – can inflict bleeding on the enemy, which will tick DoT’om. Bleeding ignores armor, dealing full damage from proc without -% of armor resistance. Depends on the total amount of gun damage.
  • Piercing weakens the enemy, and he does less damage to you.
  • The blow makes the enemies stagger, and can open them for finishing with Parazon (your “assassin’s blade”, a red drop will appear over the victim’s head).

Elemental includes:

  •  Cold – slows down the petitioners.
  • The electricity creates a miniature Tesla coil from the enemy (similar to Volt’s ult), which hits those passing by, while stunning the first target.
  • Fire, as the name suggests, sets opponents on fire, causing them to panic. He also added a new counter – he “melts” the armor, weakening it to 50% of the maximum while the victim is on fire.
  • The toxin, like the incision, imposes its DoT – poisoning. Ignores shields and immediately hits health. It can only be improved by mods that add points of toxic damage.

That the one that the other may initially be at the cannon. However, the elemental can be added by mods, and the physical must already be on the trunk if you want to improve it (+ 90% of the cut will not add a cut to you if there were piercing + fire, but + 90% of fire to hit + piercing will stick).

On the other side

 From this point on, you have two ways in which you can improve your guns – stupidly increasing the damage per second, or bypassing the defense of enemies altogether. And to make it easier to decide what to take, let’s talk about enemies and their vulnerabilities.

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There are five factions in the game. 3 of them you most likely have already seen on Earth and Venus. Grineer, Corps, and Infected. The fourth one could be met if they performed tasks for the discovery of relics or reached the Abyss – the Enslaved. Well, about the fifth. Now, in order, who and what they are:

 The Grineer were former slaves of the Orokin Empire, clones who were used as laborers and cannon fodder. After the fall, the owners rebelled, found Korolev (SIMP!), And staged a crusade along the System. They wear weak (but accurate) hitscan weapons, and thanks to their armor are sponges for damage.

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 Corps – the cult of Profit, call themselves the descendants of the Orokin. After the collapse of the empire, like the Grineer, they decided to expand their influence in the System. Soulless hucksters, for the most part. In addition to people, advanced technologies and an army of robots are used for military operations. They are armed with plasma guns (and, accordingly, shoot shells) and are protected by force shields. “Glass cannons” of local factions.

 Infected – good old zombies, perhaps faster than their classic counterparts. The virus has distorted its victims almost beyond recognition, but they can still be seen as members of other groups. They beat them with their paws, fly off instantly, but there are so many of them. There are also special Ancients who can give out protection auras, add. damage or stupidly steal energy from you, so kill them first.

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 Enslaved – a combined hodgepodge of all factions, mainly consisting of poor fellows who tried to study the abandoned towers of the Orokin. There is this, and that, and the third. 

As you may have noticed, there is a wide selection of punching bags, and each of them has its own flavor. Moreover, they all have the same trait – they are mortal. But they try to protect themselves from their fate in different ways.

 Let’s talk about the base – health. This parameter is familiar to all of us from other games, and we all know that for frags and cherished loot, you need to bring it to zero. In the infected, it is (almost) unprotected, and we can safely cut them out in droves. But with the rest of the guys you need to get a little worn out. The classic color is red.

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Grineer, when repulsed by warriors, wear armor that reduces the damage they take. It stupidly subtracts a percentage of your shot, and the remaining result already arrives at the HP of the crouton. If the enemy has armor, then his strip above his head will be yellow.

The hull power shields have been made stronger after a recent update. If earlier they could simply recover over time, now they also reduce incoming damage by 25% and can also save the merchants with the help of a shield gate (but it lasts 0.1 seconds, and unlike complete invulnerability, Tenno passes 5% of damage, or completely dispenses with shots at vulnerable spots). You see blue above the enemy – you know that it is protected by a shield.

Each of these parameters has several subtypes, which receive more or less damage from certain elements (for example, a blow hits shields more painfully, but weaker in flesh). And also these subtypes and each faction have their own, but I have already described the main 3 above. 

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Warframes have all 3 (with a couple of exceptions) indicators at once, and our bars are neutral to all elements. The plate with armor / damage reduction is lower, shields take away 25% of the incoming and give invulnerability for 1.3 seconds when they break (with a full “charge”, if they have already started to recover after triggering – for 0.33 seconds, until you fill the shield to the maximum), well, health – the bigger, the better. Although, it would be more correct to say that the larger% of the incoming you can take away (with armor, that with shields, that with abilities) – the better. And if your frame can regularly restore shields and abuse the shield gate, it’s generally gorgeous. But remember that the toxin can still ignore them and take one shot.

Beat or poison?

 After you have dealt with the enemies and their protection, you need to choose how to eliminate them. Combined elements will help us with this:

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  • Explosion (put fire and cold on the gun) – when triggered, concussion opponents, and they begin to smear. 
  • Corrosion (Electricity + Toxin) – Reduces the target’s armor.
  • Gas (fire + toxin) creates a cloud glued to the enemy, damaging everyone around.
  • Magnetic (electricity + cold) damage makes bullets hitting shields stronger.
  • Radiation (fire + electricity) makes the friend-foe system junk, which causes fire on comrades. 
  • Virus (cold + toxin) increases health damage.

Each of the statuses can be stacked, increasing the effect they give (the magnet hits shields even more, fire burns, and so on). At the same time, do not forget that they also work on Tenno (but max 1 stack), and an accidental wipe due to Misa under radiation is a common thing.

 Each of the elements, in turn, more painfully hits a specific health bar. This can be viewed in the Codex (or on the wiki) for each individual adversary if you have previously applied a scanner (purchased from the market) on it several times. Sentinel Helios will scan everything instead of you, all that remains is to renew the scanner charges. Here we actually have a fork with two paths: to pump damage and overcome the tank in numbers, or completely ignore their protection.

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In the first case (and in the second), you first need to decide whether you have a status gun, critical or hybrid. This is done simply – we look at the stats in the arsenal, we improve with mods the parameter that is initially higher, after which you can either put elements against a specific faction or the current “meta”. It is worth noting here that the critical guns for the most part do not give a damn about the elements, they will take out stupidly huge numbers, but the status needs to be selected. For the higher the status, the more often it works and the stronger its effect.

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In the second, we first decide who we are going to fight against, and from this we set up the gun. We basically only need mods that can apply bleeding or poisoning effects. Both the first and the second pass through armor or shields and immediately hit the target’s health. The difference is that the toxin ignores the shields completely, even if the poisoning did not work, but the cut must first bleed, and it already starts killing armadillos, be it croutons or other units.

Facts, interesting and not so

 I want to note that in the first option it is not necessary to follow the “popular” elements, you can put those that are convenient for you. For example, the gas works great against the infected, and it is very fun to use it together with radiation, so that the distorted ones themselves cluster around the carrier of the gas cloud. Corrosion weakens armor and allows you to inflict even more damage on opponents who have a weakness for this element (Is the armor still hanging? Hanging. + Damage is there? Yes. Well, take it ready). But for the most part, similar effects are already given to us by the abilities of Warframes, and we are finishing the work with cannons. When installing mods, be careful, because the more elements on the slingshot, the lower the likelihood that the one you want will work.

At the time of this writing, the virus-fire-cut combination rules. With each proc, the virus increases the damage received on health (from + 100% to + 325% at max. 10 stacks), the fire burns, and the cut under the bonus from the virus and the reduction in armor from fire by bleeding ends the case. Against shields, this also works, but you need a couple more shots (and even if you are already on level 100+ missions, normal corpses still fly off from any sneeze). Previously, corrosion was the queen of the elements, since it could take down 99, (9)% of the armor, and the ratio of the level and protection indicators of the enemies was broken (it rushed to infinity, and now it goes almost in a straight line).

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Perhaps it is worth saying that after a certain main quest you will be able to get completely and completely broken mods – Rivenas. They add huge bonuses to a specific gun (yes, that one) and such huge disadvantages, and they can be done with the help of specials. re-roll the resource, knocking out the stats you need in this way. But before you can insert them, you must first fulfill the requirements written in the “closed” Riven. They also need a Mastery Rank. And fig knows what attempt Riven will open to your favorite fluff, but for this there is always a trade chat (with corresponding prices depending on the exoticism of the gun and the knocked out stats of the mod).

Mods and where to find them

 Now that we have figured out the damage, we need to tell you where to get its components. There are many places. They are both enemies and containers or mission rewards. Almost all mods fall from these sources, but there are several categories that need to be mined in a special way. 

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Let’s start with the damaged mods. They, like the Rivens, give us both plus and minus. You can find them on the Deimos missions behind the wall in the picture below (1 door to the mission, not present on “Defense” and “Assassination”). You can open this door with the help of pre-made and equipped keys, which, when worn, impose a debuff on the frame. The blueprints of the keys are in the Dojo in the Orokin laboratory, the keys themselves can be either put on all 4 on one frame, or distributed one key to each member of your squad. After opening the door, Tenno, who picked up the “artifact” (which, by the way, will impose a random debuff on one of the keys), must get to the evacuation without dying. 

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Next are the Acolytes mods. They fell from the minibosses of one of the annual events, but now they are obtained more easily – as a reward for orders from the open world of Deimos. Their peculiarity is that for the stats to work, you must fulfill the condition written in the mod.

Prime mods – improved versions of regular mods – are bought from Baro Qi’Tyr , he arrives on one of the relays every 2 weeks. In addition to loans, you also need to get ducats, specials. Baro currency. They are exchanged for prime parts (components falling from open relics, I wrote about them in passing in the previous blog) in the terminals next to the merchant. Baro also sells enhanced versions of weapons, looks and all sorts of little things. Also, the drawing “Sands of Inaros”, which is required to start the quest with the same name, is also taken from Ki’Tyr.

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Augmentations – mods that change the abilities of Warframes – are bought from one of 6 syndicates at the maximum rank of a particular faction. I advise you to check in advance what mods (or other rewards) you need before downloading the syndicate. Because of the “confrontation” system, you can maximize three of them, and the remaining three will have a reputation at the bottom. As a result, the necessary items can only be obtained in exchange with other players.

Aura mods are bought from Night Wave, and can also fall from special opponents of the Silver Grove quest (which you will get access to after completing it).

Set ones give a special bonus that increases with each equipped mod from a given set. Mostly given as a reward for orders in open worlds, they rarely fall from opponents in the same place.

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There are also “nightmare” mods – they fall from the “Nightmare” mode, which you will have access to as soon as you completely pass the planet. One mission per sphere, special modifiers like “no shield” or “energy drain” work on it. Change every 8 hours. These mods have two stats at once (for example, + cold and + status chance)

It seems that I told about the main types, let the rest be a surprise for you.

Don’t forget to experiment!

 There are many ways to entertain yourself in Warframe, and only you can find the one that suits you. Try different combinations of mods, guns, frames and you will definitely decide on the most comfortable layout of the “walking war crime”. I hope this little tutorial was helpful. Do not forget that there are always a lot of players in the chat, and if there are questions, they will answer you. Comments and remarks are welcome, but that’s all. Good luck Tenno! 

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Source : The Verge