• Digital Extremes reveals details about the next-gen update for Warframe
  • The game runs on the new consoles with a resolution of up to 4K at 60fps
  • The update includes an extensive texture remaster of the entire game

The information about games on the next generation of consoles does not stop there. Now Digital Extremes has revealed the various improvements for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, which will “soon” be added to the free-to-play shooter Warframe.

The next Warframe update for the next-gen will deliver up to “up to” 4K at 60fps on Xbox Series X / S and PS5. Furthermore, Digital Extremes promises “drastically improved” loading times. A particularly extensive improvement, however, is a “texture remaster” of the entire game, which is said to add more details and colors as well as reduce the required hard disk space. In addition, Warframe will receive new dynamic lighting through the enhanced renderer.

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Digital Extremes is already trying to stir up some anticipation in terms of graphics and describes that everything from the neon-colored underworld of Fortuna to the latest landscape on the contaminated moon Deimos will be given a new coat of paint. Lights, shadows and reflections should now be shown much more realistically when moving through the game world. You can already see how beautiful the shooter could look on the PS5 in the video above – pretty modern look for a seven year old game, right?

It also revealed in detail some PS5-specific features that will be part of the next-gen upgrade. This includes support for adaptive triggers, which is to be expanded at a later date in order to offer even more haptic feedback. The new PS5 “Activities” feature is also supported. With this feature you can track your trophy progress or plunge into the new “Sanctuary Onslaught Challenge” without having to load it extra.

In this context, Digital Extremes has also announced a new PlayStation Plus-exclusive Warframe booster pack. This package includes the new Sedai Obsidian Syandana – inspired by the DualSense controller – as well as an Experience Booster, a booster for the in-game currency, credits and premium credits.

The game is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Source : Twitter Feeds