What was an open rumor seems to have finally been confirmed. Hitman 2 will be announced tomorrow and possibly be present in the next E3 2018 as one of the most anticipated games by fans of the first installment of IO Interactive.

Both this news and the announcement of the game were planned to be tomorrow June 7, but a logo found on the Warner Bros website has confirmed all suspicions.

Hitman 2 will be announced tomorrow before E3 2018

Warner Bros will be the new distributor of Hitman after being sold by Square Enix. It is precisely in your account Twitter where we can see a short clip that shows us a racing car revealing what they will do an announcement tomorrow.

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Let the countdown begin // 72: 00: 00

Watch the LIVE reveal Thursday, 10:00 am: https://t.co/cV6AxRxO06 pic.twitter.com/JCbuRVHVel

– WB Games (@wbgames) June 4, 2018

This car belongs to the fictional oil brand “Hamsun” that appears in the first installment. Further, on the account of Hitman we can see how they prepare for what looks like a big announcement with another encrypted mini-clip with some keywords and under the slogan “Goal on the way”.

Locating new target // ETA 48 hours pic.twitter.com/IlPQNwbBya

– HITMAN (@Hitman) June 5, 2018

We can also expect it to be a direct sequel starring Agent 47, since hours before that clip, Hitman’s official account had already posted a tweet saying Good afternoon 47. The profiles have been updated. Your next goal is… ».

By the time I count to E3 – Activision, Warner Bros., Take-Two and the others

Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is… pic.twitter.com/0l1Tyu4gho

– HITMAN (@Hitman) June 4, 2018

So far everything was assumptions that it would be Hitman 2, but the fact that has confirmed all suspicions has been the logo leak in the page Web of Warner Bros and that you can see as the header image of this article.

Many tweets and eager to see what they bring us. Awaiting what we assume will be the great revelation in his conference of the E3 2018, we will remain very attentive and we will tell you everything that is announced in the next direct what will they do tomorrow thursday day 7 from 10 AM (16:00 Spanish time). You can follow the live from here.

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A very special announcement is coming in two days. Watch LIVE starting at 10am PST / 5pm GMT: https://t.co/cV6AxRxO06 pic.twitter.com/yadZzvRgbP

– WB Games (@wbgames) June 5, 2018

How about the arrival of a sequel to Hitman? Do you think it is too early? Are you already waiting to be able to reserve it? We read you in the comments!