In this article, I’ll share how to complete each side quest available in the post-apocalyptic classic RPG Wasteland 3.

Doctor for all doctors

How to get it: Talk to Dr. Parker in downtown Colorado Springs.

Parker is located inside the arapaho garage on the side of the market square. Talk to him. A man needs three different sets – medical, surgical and suture. All of them can be found at locations in the city. For example, the suture is in a container across from the arapaho garage. If you do not have a set, it is not necessary to comb all the locations. Instead, you can buy a set from one of the vendors in the marketplace. Having done this, return to Parker and talk about everything.

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Then he will ask you to help three patients (you will not help the fourth). Interact with each patient. You will see comments from your character, which will tell you which set should be used for treatment To use the kit, open your inventory and place it in the quick items slot – in the same place where the syringes for treatment are usually located. And then click on the item on the normal screen to make the crosshair appear and apply it to the desired character.

Big Trouble in Little Vegas

How to get it: you will receive this task from Sheriff Daisy, after you turn in the story quest related to clearing the Garden of the Gods.

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Go to Little Vegas Nightclub. It is located in downtown Colorado Springs, next to the museum and market square. Go inside and go forward to the bar. There you will find Charlie Nose. Talk to him, but he won’t tell you anything. The bartender will also be silent. Go up to Faran Braigo’s office on the right and talk to the owner of the club. He will also not be very talkative. To find out the truth, go to the left wing. On the way, you will meet a drug addict who will ask you to pick up drugs from the safe above. If you agree, you will receive a code combination from the safe.

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Go up. There are two ways to get information. The first is to enter the first door to find yourself in a private room where a group of workers are resting. They won’t be particularly welcoming, but if you manage to scare them, you can search the safe without a fight. In addition, these workers will tell you that they saw Charlie Nose dragging Delgado to the back rooms. The second option is to go further up the floor and turn into a brothel. There will be Ken Doll. If you communicate with this character, then for the money you can get the necessary information.

Tell Charlie Knows everything to find out about a certain McTavish. Follow to McTavish’s workshop, which is located opposite Sheriff Daisy’s office. Talk to a man. Try to convince him to resolve the issue without a fight. Whether you succeed or not, at the end of the quest, you will find out the necessary information, which points to Faran Braigo.

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Go to the club. If you go directly to Braigo, then you will have to either kill him or leave him free. He will not agree to arrest. But there is a way to arrest Faran. To do this, after entering the club, chat with two arguing men. Make them start fighting. The guard near the terminal on the right, next to the passage to Faran, will move away, and you can hack the terminal. If you do this and reconfigure the ventilation system, you can convince Faran to surrender (otherwise his club will be blown up). If arrested, select Braigo’s detention facility.

Go to the utility rooms. Nobody will touch you there. Open the door ahead and free Delgado. After talking with him, turn in Daisy’s quest.

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Oh, those neighbors

How to get it: after a while Gonzalez will contact you and tell you that Rosie Wong needs your help in the Sans-Lux apartment.

Go to the location and talk to the woman. The apartment is located on the side of the museum, near the Little Vegas nightclub. Go to the back room and destroy the door by shooting at it several times. Next, you have to kill three clones and one turret. Try to do it quickly. Then talk to Rosie, and then go to the market square to meet Irv there. Decide his fate. For example, he can travel to the medical bay of the ranger headquarters to conduct his experiments there. In this case, he can even create a clone for you that will fight for your group.

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Wolf’s Hunt

How to get it: after a while you will be contacted by Gonzalez, who will say that a group of mercenaries has approached the headquarters, which has some information about an old enemy.

Go to the headquarters and talk to Wolfe, who is to the left of the main entrance. He will ask you to finish off the synth who is hiding in Colorado Springs. Agree, go to the city center and break open the museum door (or destroy it). Check out the different stands with animatrons. You are interested in the stand in the far left corner, where there is a synth with an energy weapon behind. Examine it. Pay attention to the possibility of using the “Know-it-all” skill. If you do this, then the synth will not be able to oppose anything to you. His fate will be in your hands. That is, now, if you decide to kill him, you will do it without a fight. Instantly. The synth will not agree to arrest, and if you let go, he will continue to kill people. And if you cannot use the “Know-it-all” skill, then in the event of an attack on the synth, you will have to fight all the automatons inside the museum.

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When you turn in the quest to Wulf, if the synth was killed, he will tell you where to find three more. You will meet one at the Denver airport, in the city of Machine Intelligence. Another synth will be in the mine, into which you will find yourself in the “War of the Worlds?” For any two you will receive money, and for the last third you will receive a unique skill book that gives you the secret skill “Combat Shooting”.

Heads or tails?

How to get it: just go to the global map.

You will need to decide whether to help the people in the Hun estate, who were attacked by Erast Dorsey, or to destroy the bandits who attacked the arapaho caravan with the armor for the Patriarch’s sheriffs. That is, you can only get to one place. The reward will be the same, but the reaction of the refugees and the Patriarch will be different. For the Huns you will receive the respect of the refugees, for the caravan – the sheriffs of the Patriarch. If you choose the Hun estate, you will meet Erast Dorsey. You can kill him or change his mind. In the second case, if you pass the skill check, Erast will leave, and the next time you will meet him at the Denver airport, where he decided to retire and end up with the robberies. In this case, when you meet with Nelius Dorsey, he will not fight with you.

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How to get it: get to the Dikovinarium location and talk to the merchant Anand.

Having done this, enter the building on the right and talk to Paris Handler. She’s willing to vouch for you if you can craft red paint. To do this, you need to use the guide that you probably found somewhere in the previous locations. In general, the point of the quest is to get inside the Outlandish. And this can be done in three ways. In addition to the surety of Paris Handler, you can find a pass. It is located in the back of the location, inside buildings with clowns and Lyba. After killing Lyba and his henchmen, examine the corpse in the dental chair to get a pass. But all this is difficult. Another option is to pay $ 500 to enter (or less if you can bargain skills).

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But if you decide to cope on your own for free and without a fight, then go to the table near Paris and select the following ingredients: C18 (carbon), H14 (hydrogen), N2 (nitrogen), Na2 (Sodium), O8 (oxygen), S2 (sulfur ).

Now talk to the guard at the entrance and tell him that Paris will vouch for you. You can get inside.

A nightmare in the Wizardry

How to get it: the quest is activated immediately, as soon as you find yourself inside the Wondrous. Talk to Simon standing at the entrance to the bar, and then walk forward and to the right to go up to the Dryabi Zhracula office. Chat with a man and he will tell you what to do. Descend into the Tunnels of the Dikovinarium. Here you will have to clear all corridors from mutants and Los Piazzos. Each group of Los Payatsos (clowns) will have an item that allows them to correctly answer the questions of the computer blocking the entrance to the far part of the tunnels, where the last enemies are. When you collect all the cards, find this computer by the door and interact with it. Choose three options with cards, and after – any answer (as intended).

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The central hall also has three frozen doors. You can melt them by repairing the generator, or using a flamethrower. All doors are locked. And each of these thorns can be found either in the tunnels of the Outlandish, or outside, killing Los Piazzos. Behind one of the doors will be the Vice-Rector, who will automatically follow you. If you find perfumes in the tunnels, you can give them to the worker at the entrance to the tunnels so that he sprinkles the stinking pigs. When you finish off everyone, including the boss, the task will be updated. It remains to tell about everything Dryab Zhrakula. The reward will be substantial!

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Wasteland 3: side quests walkthrough

Entrance to the Dikovinarium.

My body needs it

How to get it: Chat with the bartender inside the Outlandish.

He will ask you to get a special ramen. To do this, go to the tunnels of the Wildlife. Look for parking meters there and interact with them to get silver coins. These coins need to be dropped into the cafeteria vending machine in the tunnels. There you fought with the Los Piazzos clowns. One of the vending machine awards is ramen. Take it to the bartender, who will now become the chef at your base.

Blood ties

How to get it: Chat with Randy Guett, who you will meet inside the Outlandish. Apparently, you will need to clear the tunnels first according to one of the quests above.

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He asks to deal with the enemies near his estate. Go to a new location, go forward and kill several monsters. Having done this, get to the back room. Nita will refuse to go with you, but you can convince her with skills. If it doesn’t work, open the box nearby, take the key and unlock the building nearby. There will be corpses of soldiers inside. Break off your fingers to one of them and give them to Nita. Return to Randy with her. The latter will be in your garage.

In the genre of film truth

How to get it: talk to Eidilon, which is in the side room of the first floor of the Outlandish (bar).

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She wants you to get a film strip. This is quite easy to do. Go to a new location, to the old bunker of the Monster Army. Once inside (with skills or banal destruction of the gate), deal with robots and turrets. Go through different doors and find four shields, with which you can neutralize the laser barriers leading to the main cinema. Once you’ve done that, head over there and defeat three large robots. Having done this, find a creepy doll in the bag on the side, and also take the reels with a film strip from under the showcase. Take them to Eidilon and complete the quest in any way.

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Field commanders

How to get it: the task is activated automatically when, after a while, Angela Det will contact you.

Go to the center of Colorado Springs, from there go to the location on the left, in Broadmoor Heights. Here you need to find a park with a huge statue with three people. Interact with her, and then go down to the secret bunker. You can negotiate with the first group of mercenaries, but then you have to fight. From the room with the fork, you can go to the right, into the flooded room with toads. Kill all the toads, and then climb to the side door. Walk down the technical corridor to find ventilation. Through this lattice, you can talk to Cordit the Battleship. And then get to him and help him escape. Then decide what to do. You can take to your group! At the exit, Angela Det will contact you, and the quest will be completed.

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Radiation threat!

How to get it: the mission will start if you get close to the radiation zones without installing a new chassis.

You need to get mechanics to install the chassis. This will happen in any scenario after the quest “Uninvited and Unsolicited”. Then go to the garage at the ranger headquarters, buy one of the two chassis from the merchant and set it up with a workbench next to Kodiak. The task is completed, and now you can explore different locations.

Slave owner’s reward

How to get it: Gonzalez himself will tell when La Perla will approach the headquarters.

Talk to the woman. She asks to return the fugitive. Holly is near the stocks used by the Patriarch’s sheriffs to execute criminals in downtown Colorado Springs. Talk to the woman and then decide what to do. If you help her escape, then La Perla will leave, and you will not receive the code from the bunker doors under the ranger’s headquarters. But if you lie to Holly and lure you into a trap, you can search the bunker and get some decent loot. You decide! But remember that your choice will also affect the increase or decrease in the reputation of refugees.

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Extremely unfriendly takeover

How to get it: if you did not fight Charlie Nose in “Little Vegas”, then he will offer to rob the Dikovinarium.

First he will get in touch. Go to the location with Dikovinarium and follow to the left. Turn left from the smugglers’ bridge and meet Charlie with the cartel. Decide what to do. You can go together to destroy the Dikovinarium, but remember that all side quests of this location will be lost. You can stop Charlie personally. You can visit Dryaba Zhrakula first and tell about everything. He will give one reward, and after the destruction of Charlie and the Cartel (although even in this case, you can change your mind) – another.

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War of the Worlds?

How to get it: you need to be near the Telluric Mine to receive a signal for help.

Go there, talk to Luke. Enter the building and destroy all robots. You can first disable the turrets using your computer. Defeat all enemies and search the dog’s corpse, and then tell Luke about everything.

Human and kite catchers

How to get it: once in Denver, at the beginning of the location, listen to Sister Glory and agree to help.

First, deal with the gods, who have set up three camps nearby. Just clear the entire location. When the goal is completed, talk to Sister Glory. She will say that another group of gods is approaching here. Go to Kodiak and try to get out on the world map. You will see the gods appear. You can go to the world map to weaken the Gippers, but they will not be particularly happy that you did not keep your word and did not help. You can help. In any case, you will be allowed to collect all the loot from the killed enemies.

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In addition, when you go to the first camp of the gods, you will receive a counter offer: they want to kill everyone, including Valor. You can take their side, but the story quest will fail, and the Patriarch will remain dissatisfied with the death of his son.


How to get it: Talk to the medic girl in the Denver White House.

When you visit the airport, find the Vivisecto robot there, which is providing medical assistance. He will ask to find V.I.K.I. You can decide the fate of V.I.K.I., which, by the way, is a synth and is needed according to Wolfe’s quest. Go to the Tower and go down through the other entrance. Turn left and look for synth behind the ruins. Help him kill several enemies and then decide fate. Tell Vivisecto everything. If you let Vicky go or took her to you, then you will have to pay Vivisecto for the information. And you have to hand it over to Jane from the White House.

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Build Reagan Better

How to get it: Chat with Valor inside the White House in Denver.

Look for two terminals in this building. You can improve them or sabotage their work. If improved, Denver’s defenses will still be strong, and if you decide to sabotage the work, then disable all turrets. Decide for yourself how to use it. But for each terminal, a test of some skill is required. If the terminal is frozen, use a flamethrower or repair the generator. One terminal is outside, in the room behind Reagan, and two are in the White House.

Call to action

How to get it: you need to be near Union Station on the map for Gonzalez to tell about the next call for help.Wasteland 3: side quests walkthrough

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Follow to the indicated place and break into the bunker. But first you have to defeat the Fishbone, who will eventually surrender and join your squad. However, you can let him go or finish him off. Clean out the interior. Go outside, deal with the bandits and find the building you need. Walk around it from the side as there is a hole in the wall behind. Or destroy the doors, as there are mines on the side. Use the terminal to open the bunker with Morgenstern. Move to the room where the Denver Robot was, go through the door on the left. Activate the levers so that all cables turn blue. And then go to the library and lower the last lever. Go down to the secret room and go to the bunker. Talk to Morgenstern and decide his fate. Save and try different options to understand why the ending of this quest is so interesting.

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Keeper to his sisters

How to get it: Gonzalez will tell you about the distress call when traveling across the world map.

Go to the indicated place and help the Hie sisters kill all opponents. After that, chat with them until Tom appears. He will say that the sisters owe money. And you can pay for them the full amount, half or nothing, if you have reached the “Love” rank of the Hundred Families.


How to get it: when you find yourself in the headquarters of the rangers after Denver, then Rosie will contact you, who will ask for help again.

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Talk to the woman in her apartment, and then enter the nightclub that you freed after the murder or arrest of Braigo. Talk to students. If you can light up with the discobot, then they will agree to leave the club. There are gamblers on the second floor, but you can invite them to continue the game at the ranger base.


How to get it: talk to Betsy, who, along with two characters, will be at the ranger headquarters, inside the building.

Follow to the apartments “Sans-Lux” and break down the door in front to get into the room of Frank Pappas. Talk to him about everything. Convince to tell everything, or you can invite the rangers to the base. In this case, he will tell everything he knows. And then visit the indicated cave and decide what to do with the former gods. And at the exit, Betsy will also appear, who wants to kill everyone who is to blame for the death of her family. And you can decide what to do. For example, to drive Betsy away without a fight, you will have to have a character with the iron ass skill level 9.

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Elf on the shelf

How to get it: Approach Santa’s Workshop in Aspen.

Go to the location, talk to Santa and the elf. Exit through the door on the right and search the two buildings. You can hack doors to get the items you want. Then go back and tell Santa about the find. He will have to fight (or suggest that he supply stimulants to the base). If you fight, then talk to the elf, open the door on the left and use the terminal to disable the explosive devices on the wrists of all slaves.

Head hunter

How to get it: Visit the Cannibals Party, which you will learn about from Gonzalez when you are around.

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Chat with Roland Giff at the cannibal camp and agree to help. Look for one character between the bars in Devil’s Variation (even dead, if you cleared the city with Charlie Nose), another in the market square in Colorado Springs, not far from the singer, and the rest on Knox’s Buffalo Farm. There, you will need to help the farmers or Scar Collectors first. If you help the second, you will find two Darryl corpses. Larry’s grave is located behind the farm where you need to kill toads. If you help the farmers, they will ask you to kill the toads. Having done this, search those grave, and then you will have a talk with two Darrils opposite the farm. They won’t agree to return. But you can take Larry’s remains and return to Roland, and then return to the Darryls and tell everyone about it. All these characters will be locked up in the cannibal camp. Having received the award, you can kill everyone and free the poor fellows. However, they will immediately decide to taste Roland.

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Encrypted transmissions

How to get it: be near the Department of Energy.

Go there, clear the premises from robots and deal with the synth and Scorpitron at the very end. This location is notable for the fact that in the last room, where the synth and the Scorpitron were, there are different rewards, including protection from radiation of the third level. Install it in the garage of the ranger headquarters, in the “Storage” slot.

Justice in the Wildlands

How to take: the task is taken automatically after helping the sheriffs in the Gardens of the Gods.

Visit the location you want when you find out where the hotel is. Then, in the buildings on the left and right, find the levers to open the large gates and thereby let your Kodiak go there. Defeat all opponents, and then talk to Nelius Dorsey in the building on the left. He will die one way or another, and you will receive his family sword.

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Daddy’s secret

How to get it: During the “Justice in the Wildlands” quest, Nelius Dorsey will tell Lucia about his father’s secret.

When you get to Liberty in Yuma County, deal with her in any way, and then open the cell in which Lucia’s father is imprisoned. Talk to him and decide your fate.

Is it easy to be Knox

How to get it: be near the Buffalo Farm.

Kill the Scar Collectors or the farmers inside the building. If you choose farmers, you can first enter the building to them, and then offer to attack from the inside together. After that, you will be asked to kill the toads behind the farm. Once done, complete the quest.

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Canary in the mine

How to take: the task is taken in Yuma District, after talking with the Engineer, but on the condition that you did not have Cordit and you did not choose his side.

Go to the Scar Collecting Mine, move up, kill all the enemies and break open the door to the mine. Finish every Collector to free Dee. Talk to her, clean the local bar together and talk again on all topics. Gatherers will no longer support Liberty.

Clown gods

How to take: the task is taken in Yuma District, after talking with the Engineer, but on the condition that you did not have Cordit and you did not choose his side.

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Go down to the gods’ windmills, and then make your way to the very top, killing enemies. Release the Cucarachi’s body, which is tied to the wooden shield. Go back downstairs and talk to Risky Sausage. Return to the main location and see how clowns and gods kill each other.