Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series.

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end, even if it’s supposed to get a little warmer in the next few days. Nevertheless, it is time for providers like Watchever to plan their programs in order to get a good number of customers in front of the television in the colder days. Watchever announced the series program for this year’s autumn with an email today and promises to be able to offer enough exciting hours.

Now on the fall schedule are The Bridge, Numb3rs, The Wire, Twin Peaks, Lost, Boardwalk Empire, Scandal, Revenge and Curb your Enthusiasm. Below you will find the complete press release with descriptions of the individual series if you cannot do much with the names alone.

Dramatic Crime: The Bridge

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

For friends of classic suspense, The Bridge with the German actress Diane Kruger is new in the program from September 8th. The US adaptation of the Danish-Swedish serial thriller shows how a serial killer is up to mischief both in the US border town of El Paso and in Juarez, Mexico. The criminal forces colleagues on both sides to work together in a race against time. In particular, the harsh reality in the city of Juarez, known as a drug hub, is mercilessly portrayed. In addition to police work, the investigators are also struggling with their own problems. The investigator Sonya North, played by Diane Kruger, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a milder variant of autism.

Smart Crime: Numb3rs

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

The mathematician Charlie Eppes manages to uncover crimes with his scientific methods. He not only helps and fascinates his brother Don, the FBI agent, but the entire federal agency. From September 15th you can also be fascinated – with seasons 1-4.

Corrupt Crime: The Wire

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

For friends of criminological entertainment, we also have The Wire in our program in September. Award-winning screenwriter and former Baltimore police reporter David Simon’s riveting five-season series explores the corrupt side of the East Coast city of Baltimore through the eyes of drug dealers, cops, judges, politicians and journalists, among others.

Mysterious Crime: Twin Peaks

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

Series masterpieces also find their place in our program. Just like the cult series Twin Peaks by director, producer, screenwriter and artist David Lynch – from 09/22/2014. As early as 1990, Twin Peaks managed to artfully interweave the genres of crime, mystery and horror and to have a lasting impact on the series landscape and inspire it creatively.

Wild Drama: 10 Years Lost

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42: If you are now thinking about the last lottery numbers, you urgently need a trip to the Lost world. 48 survivors of the crashed Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 find themselves on what appears to be a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – between wreckage and dead people. However, they quickly realize that the island’s idyllic appearance is deceptive. On September 22, 2014, the series celebrates its 10th anniversary. And from September 1st, 2014 it will be available again at WATCHEVER.

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

Hard Drama: Boardwalk Empire

Continuing with the mafia drama that recreates the violent and scheming days of Prohibition in Atlantic City: Boardwalk Empire. A terrific Steve Buscemi gives a brilliant performance in the mafia world. The series is produced by Michael Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg, among others. The production costs per episode are a whopping 5 million US dollars!

Political Drama: Scandal

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

You can find even more grandiose plots and intrigues from October 1st, 2014 on WATCHEVER. In Scandal, the devious machinations in Washington DC are at the highest political level – with direct access to the White House. The consultant Olivia Pope and her team are in the foreground when there is a scandal to avert.

Family Drama: Revenge

Amanda Clarke, posing as Emily Thorne, infiltrates Hampton’s finest and classiest company on WATCHEVER from October 1st, 2014. Her sole purpose is to avenge her father’s death. Her target: the matriarch Victoria Grayson, who once had a love affair with her father. When Amanda was little, he had to go to prison innocently and was assassinated there.

Personal Comedy: Curb your enthusiasm

Watchever Announces Fall 2014’s Best Entertainment Series

We have also taken care of the well-being of our comedy fans. We’re bringing all 8 seasons of the award-winning (including Emmy and Golden Globe) series Curb Your Enthusiasm from Seinfeld co-creator Larry David starting in early September.