Peter Molyneux already seemed like a promise from his darkest days what Ubisoft said at the Watch Dogs Legion world premiere: ‘Play like anybody else’ – and yes, they actually thought in this militarized dystopian London , practically all the NPCs were for the hacking group DedSec, turned resistance, can win. Personal skills, background story and full soundtrack included. It sounded… well… a bit of a hoax. Where was the catch?

Well, I can’t say that exactly after the three o’clock. But I do recognize the model by which procedural generation is combined with hand-crafted elements. Or think I recognize them. I notice the way only certain characters are addressed by name, or how AI help Bagley formulates their texts with neutral pronouns so that the sentence applies to everyone. Or that each character in their character overview is carefully broken down into weaponry, ability, and perks, which suggests that the game code only mixes these computer Londoners of various archetypes.

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Of course, this all looks a bit like a future fashion catalog – you don’t have to want to look like this. But at no point did I get the feeling that someone clicked on the random generator in the character editor.

And do I have to tell you something? After my session with the game, I read the full preview Watch Dogs Legion: GTA’s shadow can only be escaped with one step to the side! – still very impressed with the functionality, although at first I was afraid of it (because Ubisoft had actually shown a good hand in the work of the characters in the second part). This is why I am all the more impressed as I loved almost every modular figure I encountered during the Legion session. As soon as I led them the game further obscured the fact that those Pappenheimers came out of the machine. At least I hope they got off the machine and weren’t handcrafted for the intro session by some talented developers. Unless Ubisoft’s designer armada pull together thousands and thousands of digital Londoners themselves, the generation algorithm deserves insane respect, as everyone and everyone here has their own look which, at least during those three hours, doesn’t look a bit random.

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Basically when you unravel these little IT people, we’re dealing with dedicated classes or hybrid forms of them, and I’ve seen some skill on multiple characters. For example, colored bombs to blind opponents, megaphones to rally supporters or steal passwords from a distance. But as the spectrum ranges from construction workers and football hooligans to artists, contract killers and secret agents, each with their own unique skills, I’m in a good mood. In the first round, I shouldn’t tire myself so quickly to put new Birds of Paradise on my Dedsec watchlist, which allows the game to be played with its own key. The cool look of an NPC was enough for me to clip straight to his heels and force myself to turn to the real mission.

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Watch Dogs Legion Sabine
Sabine Brandt is a constant in every Watch Dogs Legion series and immediately makes an impression against somewhat edgy facial tattoos with excellent face capture and striking vocal performance.

When it comes to their inner values, I can’t say much about the alleged personal stories, but the game gives you some pretty skillful details as you pass them, which were all written quite vividly and made my brain start. all alone To sketch a biography from such brief information, their appearance and successful and often very funny animations – the hooligan masters a stylish head butt in close combat. The rest will be done by what you experience with the character: helping the brutal security forces, solving a personal problem for them, or even completing a mission like a companion mission in Mass Effect to pull the person to your side?

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No matter how much ‘real’ written writing the countless inhabitants of this special open world bring with them, you can instill some yourself as you play. Watch Dogs Legion has obviously chosen its battles with great care and sensitivity in this regard. He knows where the clues are sufficient, where you need to be specific and where to just stay vague and trusts the player to complete the picture. Made Very Clever – I’m curious how well the character design still goes hand in hand and if it enriches the story for multiple passages.

It’s a nice thing and generally successful, this “play like anyone”, even if the eye of the trained player quickly exposes it as such. Until the release of Watch Dogs Legion, I can’t wait to look a little deeper into the Magic Hat – and wonder if I am sometimes an overly enthusiastic, exhilarated, and often infuriating visionary like Peter Molyneux in the gaming landscape. today’s video somehow miss.

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