One of the best Android apps for watching TV has received a notable update for improve channel search and playback: DTT Channels 2.0 has a new viewing system for DTT legal broadcasts, the channels start quickly, the interface has been improved and the weight of the application has also been optimized.

Perhaps a mobile phone is not the most comfortable for watching TV as there is no better way to play channels than a TV, but this ability cannot be ignored as there will always be occasions when you want to see a program anywhere. So what options are available? In Android, few applications offer the performance and quality of TNT channels: this free channel compiler is as functional as it is complete. And it is updated very frequently, as it happened recently.

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With TNT channels, watching TV on mobile is super easy

Tdt 2 channels

This is not the first time that we have put forward this application, the development of Marc Vila for Android is one of these almost essential applications on any mobile phone with this system, especially for those who do not want to miss any direct TNT. The application offers the main general channels, has regional broadcasts and even a host of local TV channels, TDT Channels is very comprehensive. And we must not forget the radios, which also have the majority of Spanish stations.

How to watch TV on your Android or iPhone mobile: the best ways to access TNT

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If we specifically talk about the recently released version 2.0 of the TDT Channels, we find a full review of the visualization system for guarantee the compatibility of programs with the application player, which has also been improved. This ensures that the broadcasts will always be available to reproduce the desired DTT channel: quickly, stable, with the best quality and using legal “feeds” at all times.

Tdt 2 channels

The design of the app has been optimized aesthetically, also in terms of functionality. Now you can start a broadcast simply by pressing and holding its icon on the grid: the first available “stream” will be read directly. In addition, the channels now have a loading screen, the EPG is displayed without problem (it is very practical to know the programming of the channel), the reproduction on Android TV has been improved and the TNT channels have considerably reduced their weight: from the 5.8 MB of the previous version to the 3.5 of the current 2.0.

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Tdt 2 channels

To install Freeview channels on your Android, you need to download the APK from the app’s website. Install the file and you will have access to a multitude of free TV channels from your phone.

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