If we compare the Apple Watch with other smartwatches, it is one of the devices with the most customization options on the market. However, it is never enough and that is why David Smith developed the WatchSmith application with which you will have new configuration options and you will be able to activate functionalities.

WatchSmith, with this app you can customize and activate new features on Apple Watch

How does WatchSmith, the app for Apple Watch, work?

WatchSmith brings about 50 unique complications, which you can customize to your liking, that is, you can change the color and type of font, the stain, and the location. On the other hand, these builds are not static, so they can be set to change on the Apple Watch face with time-based triggers.

An interesting detail regarding the compilations is that the developer plans in the future to already incorporate programmed options to activate for each of the uses that are given to it. In addition, it also indicated that it will add new trigger options that will be based on other factors, for example, that it shows information about the weather in the morning and in the afternoon, data on the physical activity that was carried out during the day.

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On the other hand, and despite the fact that the user can compile the functions so that they change every hour during the 24 hours of the day. David Smith added customizable complication options to WatchSmith such as:

  • Standard training app with dynamic metric information
  • Tabata, EMOM and HIIT interval training mode
  • Training zone with heart rate range
    Physical activity history with heart rate graphs and more
  • Weather app with graphical weather information by hours and daily conditions
  • Heart rate app that shows the pulse throughout the day
  • mindfulness breathing tool
  • Calendar with 15-day events
  • Time zone converter
  • Astronomy app that shows the current position of the Sun, Moon and stars
  • 360 degree version of the classic game Pong

Availability and benefits of WatchSmith

The app for Apple Watch, WatchSmith has a wide variety of tools and features, such as a weather app, training, time zone, games, and a calendar. On the other hand, the App can be integrated with health data to use it in training and provide metrics, daily and weekly summaries with daily heart rate and activity.

Watchsmith is free to download from the Apple Store and includes an optional premium subscription. Regarding the subscription, it offers monthly or annual payment with a value of 1.99 and 19.99 dollars respectively. Are you ready to get the most out of your Apple Watch?