We analyze the sleep mode which with watchOS 7 reaches the Apple Watch

After many years of rumors, everything seemed to indicate that this mode was going to be released last year, the The Apple Watch will finally be able to measure the quality of our sleep. Until now, there was a need to download external applications that could work better or worse, and many of which had subscription plans and very few free options.

The Apple Watch has a application called Dream on watchOS 7 which is developed in the iOS 14 Health app which we can consult from the iPhone. Apple has developed its own sleep app based not only on control, but on creating an experience so that we can sleep better. We already tried it for a week thanks to the beta of iOS 14 and watchOS 7 and that’s how it works.

This is watchOS 7 standby mode

The sleep mode available in watchOS 7 and iOS 14 is based on the sleep alarm that we already had in other versions, although improved with better control. This, yes, Apple Watch is required for this mode to work, the iPhone itself is not able to measure our sleep.

watchOS 7 brings sleep analysis functionality to Apple Watch to give users a complete view of sleep with tools that help them sleep better, go to bed at a set time, create a sleep and reach routine their sleep goals. . The Apple Watch uses the watch’s accelerometer micro-movements, which vary with breathing during sleep, to detect that the user is asleep and record hours of rest each night. In the morning, the user will be able to access data from the previous night, with information on the time spent awake and asleep. You can also see an overview of all week trends.

watchOS 7

The initial configuration

Sleep mode requires a initial configuration that can be done from the Apple Watch or from the iPhone. You should keep in mind that the Apple Watch will not automatically detect when you fall asleep, it will be you who will indicate the time you want to sleep and wake up and the hours you want to sleep.

For this initial configuration, the simplest is do it from the Health app that we have on the iPhone. You must therefore access this application and click on the Sleep section and activate the function of our Apple Watch. From there we can set a time to go to bed and wake up, which can be different depending on whether it is a weekday or a weekend. You can also set the hours of sleep and a way to relax this will force us to go to bed before neither the iPhone nor the Apple Watch show us notifications.

ios standby mode settings 14

The Apple Watch and iPhone screen will only display the time and alarm when this mode is activated to relax, and we can configure some shortcuts for play a song, playlist or podcast, or even turn off lights using HomeKit. Once everything is set up, we just have to wait for the time that we have set for the bed.

Sleep measurement

When bedtime is coming Apple Watch will automatically go into sleep mode, the screen will turn off completely and will not turn on with any type of movement. If we touch it, the time will appear very weakly on the screen and when the alarm will sound. For exit the standby mode you must turn the digital crown similar to how we go out of the water mode. Sleep mode can also be activated manually by pressing the new icon with a bed in the Control Center.

When it’s time to wake up, Apple Watch vibrates slightly if you keep it quiet, or a slight alarm sounds if it’s healthy, we can change the alarm sound from the Apple Watch Dream app. When you watch Apple Watch for the first time, you will see a small summary that will give you good morning, it will tell you the time, the battery you have left and the time it will be that day. Similar information will also appear on the iPhone.

standby mode ios 14 watchos 7

Sleep data collected

Analysis of data from our dream they can be viewed from the Sleep app on the Apple Watch itself or the new sleep panel in the Health app, where more data appears. We can see this data in a graph that shows in light blue when we go to bed and wake up and in dark blue at the exact time we were sleeping.

Downstairs we can numerically view the total time we were in bed and the time we were really asleep, and if we complete our goal, if we set it. At the top right, we can add data manually.

As you see there is not much more data such as deep sleep cycles or light sleepWe also don’t have a smart alarm to wake us up in the light sleep phase, so Apple has plenty of room for improvement. Although it should be noted that we are facing a first beta version and that the final version of watchOS 7 could include these options.

data standby mode ios 14 watchos 7

And the battery?

This is one of the dilemmas of the sleep mode of Apple Watch and watchOS 7. During all these years with Apple Watch I got used to charging the Apple Watch at night while sleeping, something I can’t do now if I want to measure the dream. However, the Apple Watch battery does not last for several days, so you need to find time to recharge it every day.

The best option is charge Apple Watch when performing other tasksFor example, while taking a shower or breakfast before going to work. It is something very personal and everyone will find a specific time or throughout the day to do it. Best of all, the Apple Watch charges fairly quickly, so in 15-20 minutes you can give it a healthy dose of charge.

Apple Watch Battery

Throughout this week, by testing WatchOS 7 and sleep mode, the The battery that the Apple Watch used during the night, with the sleep mode activated, varied between 15 and 20%, which means that this mode consumes a lot of battery. Apple itself will warn you if the Apple Watch battery percentage is below 30% so that you can charge it before bed.

Sleep mode was a function that we have been waiting for years and which finally comes with watchOS 7It is true that it requires you to change your routine, but during these first days it was not something that particularly bothered me. Hopefully this function continues to improve, sleeping well is essential for our health, and this app will help us do that.

Source : ipadizate.es