We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience.

The young field of the Virtual reality, increasingly, it is being watered by various titles that they adapt to the tastes of everyone who plays them. There are many video games that impress us today, and that will surely continue to impress us in the future, and that we have the opportunity to live in a very intense way thanks to a helmet or virtual reality glasses. One of these games would be CoolPaint VR, the new bet from SnGular and Wildbit Studios, which in collaboration with PlayStation, is now available via PlayStation Store.

CoolPaintr VR: A game that enhances the creativity of everyone who plays it, and one of the most anticipated titles by the VR gaming community.

In this way, we have been lucky enough to attend the presentation of the game in our country by PlayStation and Sngular. In addition to knowing all the features and ins and outs of the game, we were able to “take the brushes” and create our own work of art virtually. Do you want to know everything that CoolPaintr VR hides? Well, we are going to see all its characteristics.

We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience

CoolPaintr VR: Much more than a game

To start, you have to know that CoolPaintr VR is a title that introduces players to a 3-dimensional virtual space in which to create, edit and build any type of pictorial artistic composition. As we explained in the previous title, more than a game, we are faced with a painting tool created for all those fans of this hobby to enjoy, as well as artists plus professionals that they dedicate themselves to it.

The game is developed by the Spanish studio Wildbit Studios, and published by Sngular, another company from our country. The initiative was born thanks to the program PlayStation Talents powered by Sony, which many of you will know, and we have to say that, generally speaking, we found it to be a very interesting tool.

We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience

The game interface couldn’t be simpler. In front of our eyes we find a screen structured by a grid, guarded by a central axis of symmetry. All of our creation will revolve around this axis. On the other hand, and through a simple dropdown menu, we can navigate to choose between the tools that are needed to create and shape our artistic ability. So we have several brushes to choose from, as well as different tools that will help make our composition as complete as possible.

CoolPaintr VR comes to life thanks to a own graphics engine, created by the developer. One detail that has pleasantly surprised us is that the game will be able to reach 120 frames per second stably. It is a more than remarkable data, taking into account the technical requirements of the platforms of Virtual reality nowadays.

We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience

Give me a “PlayStation Move” and I’ll paint the world

He control system is quite intuitive, and is that revolves entirely around a PlayStation Move. All tools, brushes, colors, are at the fingertips. Undoubtedly, the experience could be improved thanks to the use of a second PlayStation Move, but it is not available at the moment. The good thing is that the developers have confirmed that both drivers will be able to be used in the future. In case we do not have a PlayStation Move at home, nothing happens, since the game also it is compatible with the DualShock 4.

Our experience with CoolPaintr VR has been quite helpful. Despite not being painters like Pablo Picasso precisely, we have had so much fun testing the game. The simple interface has helped us to create what we wanted without any problem (in this case some clouds and a sun… We didn’t want to impress the rest of the teammates). Where perhaps we have needed a little more help has been in navigating the menus. Not being familiar with the game, we have gotten a bit lost selecting the tools that best suit our needs. “Creative needs”. But once all the tools are mastered, it is not very difficult to get down to business.

We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience

We will now talk about the precision and response offered by the PlayStation Move in CoolPaintr VR. Generally speaking, the elongated PlayStation controller gives a good response to our brushstrokes. In fact, the sensitivity with which we pull the trigger rear of the remote control, will mark the thickness of the brushes, allowing users to make thin or wider strokes, according to the needs that our drawing requires.

As we have mentioned, there is the possibility of using the Dualshock 4 to be able to make our compositions, but personally, we think that the game wins much more with Playstation move due to the wide possibility of movements that it allows us to make, and even more so considering the high level of detail required by the art of painting many times.

A community with lots of art

One of the advantages that CoolPaintr VR has, which seems like a success to us, is that the tool offersthe possibility to users of export creations through a pendrive and even being able to transfer them to third-party professional applications such as “Maya”, or other professional editors, to be able to continue editing them to our liking.

We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience

But this is not all, and it is that the developers have thought about their community and have created an online platform of the tool in which users can share their creations, value the creations of other players and even consult certain videos on the use of tools and tutorials on drawing techniques. In this way, the use of the tool is further encouraged, and we can discover what other types of applications CoolPaintr VR could have.

As we have told you, This «game» not only offers its users the possibility of having fun in their living room, painting and creating any composition that our imagination allows us, but it is a tool that can be used by anyone, fond (or not) of art. The possibility of exporting creations makes CoolPaintr VR very professional and opens the door to new and veteran artists alike, to be able to create, who knows, if the next great painting of the century.

Now it’s your turn to comment! What do you think of CoolPaintr VR? Will you give it a try?

We attend the CoolPaintr VR presentation and we tell you about our experience