We fans of virtual reality promised each other very happy with the arrival of PS5. After confirming Sony that we could use the helmet of PlayStation VR to be able to play in PS5The idea of ​​scratching some more power out of the pot was most exciting.

Unfortunately, and as usual, we get more excited than necessary. PSVR may be used as backward compatible device, just like a PS4 controller. And just like the previous DualShock, can only be used with PS4 games.

As the company confirmed to UploadVR, to be able to play games like Hitman 3 or No Man’s Sky with the virtual reality headset we will need the PS4 version of those games because PlayStation VR It is a backward compatible device, not a device of PS5.

They also bolstered the message by recalling that they have not announced games for PSVR on PS5. For now they have not released plans for a renewed virtual reality headset, but there are clues that indicate that they would already be working on it.

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