Just over a week ago, a pioneering concert in many ways took place in Madrid. In a semi-confined city then, still in phase 1, with bars and restaurants closed except terraces of limited capacity, the historic Moby Dick concert hall organized some concerts that could be enjoyed, face to face and virtual, simultaneously and not retrievable (ie they weren’t stored on any platform… just like a gig to use).

In its Moby Is In Da House cycle, the venue offered a few events (Indigo Dron on Friday, May 29 and Los Punsetes a day later, on May 30) that they could attend. a maximum of 30 people, without consumption and with a mask, amount which will be increased to 50 having spent Madrid on stage. In less than an hour all tickets for Punset were sold out (at 5 euros), as expected at a concert that had something symbolic about it and a starting signal for the resumption of the night scene, despite the restrictions .

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As for the other half of this “mixed” event, the online part of the topic, 1,500 spectators from all over the world gathered (at the price of 3 euros per connection), with a particular focus on Spain and Latin America, where Punsets are very popular. The payment platform which was responsible for the technical part was Digitalfep, and the organizers and the venue stressed the importance that it does not depend on any social network, as has happened with so many virtual concerts that have been lavished during lockdown on via Instagram and other established platforms.

Los Punsetes: “The enthusiasm of the audience was seen from the stage”

We spoke with Manuel Sánchez, guitarist of the group, to tell us about his perception of the event from the point of view of the artists. He tells us how the idea was born: “NThey offered it to you eight days before the event, it was an initiative of Moby Dick and the people who of the platform diffusion“, And thanks to that, they were” pioneers of the game “.

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From above the experience was positive because the audience “was” really big “: they couldn’t drink, barely moved, but there was a very grateful enthusiasmThis enthusiasm, he tells us, was felt on stage: “After all, the artists were also locked up for a few months and reopened the Moby Dick. This euphoria was felt from above. “

For Manu, there is a future for this type of event: “Not all concerts will arouse the same interest, but for other event type concerts, like the one we gave at La Riviera, it is a little more indicated. “In other words, not as an exclusive new route for concerts, but As a new alternative form of diffusion, an interesting door could open: “For concerts in places with the most limited capacities, as is currently the case, it seems appropriate, an interesting addition. Even in conventional gigs that you can’t opt ​​for anything, it will be possible to see even if it’s streaming ”

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Comprehensive security measures

We also spoke with a concert assistant, music communication consultant Eva Fernández Cortés: “Despite the inconvenience of everyone wearing a mask, the organization was very good. Tickets were sold through the Dice platform. fm, a new ticketera He wrote to us before we left to ask who we were going with. We sent them the names and when we arrived Moby Dick had assigned us a secluded space for each specific group. For example, in our case, there were four of us. ”

It is therefore not necessary to maintain a distance from the companions with whom the event is attended. “It looks a lot like a traditional concert because after all, in a concert of a lifetime, you don’t move much from home everywhere, “Eva tells us. The difference lies more in the masks and the absence of a bar. ”

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Regarding the profitability and possibilities of the invention, we asked Hugo García, communication coordinator of Moby Dick, who told us that “in these first pins, the cost is very high for the room: open it without a bar, remove people from the ERTE, all hygiene measures to be put in place… We stayed a bit in what we ate for what was served. “He does admit though that” more tickets were sold than expected, and reopening the venue, seeing a band on stage and our crew of techs and others working, it’s worth it. ”

As for the future prospects, Moby Dick plans to “propose the possibility of online broadcasting of certain concerts, as an additional means of broadcasting. That when a promoter calls us to rent the room, this is one more service we can offer. We see it especially for type events showcase or the presentation of records, more than for touring, where there may be bands that are not interested in seeing shows other than their concerts. ”

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In addition, adds Hugo García, people should re-evaluate live concerts after those we saw during childbirth that “sometimes they had poor technical quality. If you are going to pay you have to make sure that they are of good quality, and also that two days later you will not find it on YouTube or any other platform which is an exclusive experience limited to this period. . “In any case, unknowns and doors that open for a future that rethinks the ways of offering live music.

Source: Engadget