A few days before Ubisoft Forward, we were able to play calmly for a few three hours to watch Dogs Legion, one of the most anticipated releases from French society. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, it is the direct sequel to the remarkable Watch Dogs 2 which saw the light of day in 2016, delving further into the madness of being a DedSec hacker and with a almost unlimited range of possibilities thanks to your allies.

And is that the most surprising novelty about his sequel is that there is no longer a single protagonist, but he can be practically any inhabitant of the city of London. And each person has significant differences from the others. All of this and more is what we experience in this preview.

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A giant leap on Watch Dogs 2

In a video game, knowing how to start a story is important. If I had to judge Watch Dogs 2 for his first mission, he will not be very successful. Fortunately, it improved dramatically afterwards. In this Watch Dogs Legion it doesn’t happen but start strong from the start: We infiltrated the Palace of Westminster to disarm a bomb and ended up witnessing multiple terrorist attacks throughout the city of London. And of course, DedSec in short.

From that point on, we have to find out who is really responsible for these attacks as we try to clear our name with the help of more people. There will be people for and others against, so we need to investigate them using our hacking skills and find out which people are suitable for this task. Each person is a world!

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Watch Dogs Legion Level Up All Levels In The Sequel, from a less confusing and much more efficient optimized hack to a much more careful control when shooting, jumping or fighting shirtless.

Separated from hypnotic allure of the city of London, where its most emblematic areas are not lacking, such as Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Camden, Piccadilly Circus or London Eye, in this episode its verticality stands out, without reaching the madness of the recent Hyper Scape. And all this because now we will no longer simply have cranes to be able to climb a few meters, but we will have a load a drone that will allow us to flyliterally.

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This opens up a whole range of possibilities for dealing with missions, as we’re starting from a lot more entry routes. While it is also true that very few DedSec agents have this drone: in many cases you will have to look for specific points on the map from which to call them, as was the case with the cranes of the previous adventure. We can even use them as a means of transportation.

Variety is a taste of the new Legion

Watch Dogs Legion

At the start of the game we had access to four agents who were completely different from each other: apart from the typical hacker with gadgets futurists or the hitman, were a hooligan and a construction worker.

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The differences were more than palpable for each of these DedSec agents, since Rachel Morris, the worker, had no firearms as such, but a nail gun. Be careful, with the possibility of summoning a charging drone. But that wasn’t the only thing that mattered, as as a worker on construction sites, she wears clothes that allow her to squeeze into places depending on her position. And it is the same if we recruit, for example, a police officer. Each combination gives us access to specific areas without arousing suspicionunless we act in a strange way.

Initially, yes, I opted for a more classic style with hacker Adam Barua, that’s why it’s a Watch Dogs. With London available to explore to our liking, but with the urgent need to gather information on each of its main villains to find the head, Ghost Recon Wildlands, I set out to try out the different types of missions we can access. in Watch Dogs Legion. And here it’s surprising to see the photos changed from the previous one to some racing work for Parcel Fox, which seems like a nod to Death Stranding.

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Each agent can have lethal or non-lethal weapons. In the case of the pirate, you can only stun the enemy. This is why the way to approach each mission is also different for each of these DedSec operations, which is a pleasure because we are unlocking more and more people. But, What if someone dies?

Here we need to make a little clarification, because there will be no permanent death by default. If someone “dies” they will be in jail for half an hour in real time until they can summon them again. Now, yes, there will be recruits who in their description make it clear that they can die forever …

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The possibility of recruiting more agents for DedSec

Watch Dogs Legion

The transfer process is different for each person: It won’t be about reaching someone, hacking their profile and telling them to join. It can be against DedSec. Or ask us for different tasks before we can recruit you. And it takes time.

The missions were quite pleasant and we were tested in stealth, hacking or hostage rescue, also having to recover the infiltrations by taking advantage of the position of certain agents, like Louise Ward. In addition, London offers countless activities to discover, such as giving a few touches to a balloon like California Games or the typical darts game, not to mention the aforementioned distribution of Parcel Fox or doing graffiti all over the city.

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In these three hours of play, however, we only played solo, but in the final version there will be online cooperative with three other people. And if we factor in the huge variety of characters to unlock, that makes him more appealing when it comes to playing the goat. Because the spirit of Watch Dogs 2 has been harnessed further if possible in this legion, far from the excessive gravity of the first. Kind of like it happened in Saints Row: The Third regarding its sequel, wow.

This freshness and color makes the experience more fun, driven in part by a better arrangement of buttons and certain actions, which makes it easier to find clues in the area. Also, the best hacking skills in the sequel have been improved, so we can cause mayhem with the greatest ease by unlocking certain abilities. And it’s cool to put on the mask when we take action, as if we were in the iconic They Call It Bodhi. In addition, there are many and they are 100% customizable.

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There were three hours that certainly flew and I enjoyed as a dwarf when it came to manipulating the behavior of civilians and security guards, and of course flying the London skies with a drone from charge. I already liked your presentation of E3 2019 and after playing it, I corroborated those feelings. Watch Dogs has found its raison d’être with this legion.

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