We put Boldzer on the ice with slats.

Chio Mozdulj Gamer will not slow down in 2018 either, and the ambassador of the very first month became Boldzer, who tried skiing and also took part in joint skating. And of course he answered our questions kindly.

New year, new plans – 2018 will definitely be an exciting year for the Move Gamer movement, but as long as the details are outlined, we won’t rest. The name is obligatory, so we were still looking for an ambassador. Boldzer has a huge patch, who took a thousand pleasures in the role of a diplomat: he tried skiing, took part in joint skating (since it was now a free sporting event in the first month of 2018) and, of course, also led a livesteam. They sat in front of the camera with visually impaired skier Zsolt Balogh, who recently won a Paralympic quota, to answer your questions. Before you click through, even reading the interview we did with Boldzer is worth it.

SamaGame: You first tried skiing as part of the Move Gamer, a rather brave pioneer. We haven’t had a youtuber ambassador yet who has stepped out of his comfort zone for the sake of a shoot. What was it like?

We put Boldzer on the ice with slats

Boldzer: As you can see in the video, the whole ski lesson was a very uplifting feeling. I have to honestly admit, at first I was afraid of skiing, especially falls or any kind of accident, but in the end, thanks to my enthusiasm, but especially Tom, nothing went wrong and I really enjoyed the slides on the piste. Of course, this is only a first step, but I really liked it.

GS: How much do you like winter sports anyway? What you haven’t tried yet, but would definitely like to?

We put Boldzer on the ice with slats

Boldzer: I have several favorite winter sports. I would clearly list skating here, if that was exactly the program at the last event, ice hockey, and I would even be happy to think back to childhood sledding. But really, I have a very good experience with all the sports listed. I would definitely like to try snowboarding, but first it will be useful to learn to ski a little more skillfully.

GS: Why did you choose skiing as an ambassador?

We put Boldzer on the ice with slats

Boldzer: I’ve always been interested in the sport itself, but there’s never been an opportunity to try it, so I was very happy when the idea came up that now I can’t introduce my own favorite, but try a form of exercise that’s interesting to me. It was good to bring all this together within the framework of the movement.

GS: What is your favorite sport? How active are you?

We put Boldzer on the ice with slats

Boldzer: My favorite sports would be football, basketball and volleyball, for example, as we practice these regularly with my friends and I really enjoy team sports.

GS: At the Chio Move Gamer event in January, skating was the main role. You mentioned earlier that you love chirping. Did you move on the rink at home?

Boldzer: At first I was a little scared of him as I hadn’t been skating actively in two years, but when I stepped on the ice, I set off confidently and it immediately became clear to me that skating couldn’t really be forgotten. From now on I really enjoyed it, it was great to meet a lot of spectators and chat with them in chorus. By the end, I was very tired, but it was a great experience.

We put Boldzer on the ice with slats

GS: Does sports mean more to you for relaxation or a healthy lifestyle? Do you prefer to move alone or with others?

Boldzer: For me, sport also means relaxation and a healthy life. I really enjoy running to one with listening to music, but playing football with friends is just as cool. If I had to choose, I would rather choose social sports because I really like to see my friends smile or hear a loud laugh when something like this happens on the field. Basically, both have the mood, it’s worth trying as many as you can.

GS: What about sports games?

We put Boldzer on the ice with slats

Boldzer: FIFA and NBA can come at any time, but I like multis FPS games the most.

GS: What are your plans with your channel? What will your year be like in 2018?

Boldzer: There are a lot of changes to be expected on my YouTube channel. I want to make as many serious videos as possible that reflect either a social problem or something that affects young people. Also, of course, I want to leave the humorous, funny line on my channel, but it’s definitely important to share the thoughts with the viewers that preoccupy me every day. Of course, this also requires technical innovation, and it is important to systematize the amount and frequency of videos. In 2018, I would like to learn more than that, especially to improve my English. So I’m full of plans, you still hear about me.