A year ago we talked in SamaGame about Asphalt 4, a great car game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game was very good for being one of the first we’d seen of this style on the platform and in fact we really liked it. But a year later Gameloft returns to the attack with Asphalt 5, of course, in this case there are many competitors with great innovations, have they been overcome?


Anyone who says they don’t care about graphics in a game is lying like a knave. Let’s be honest, things come in through sight and more than a video game. No matter what genre it is, if a video game sells a good idea and is accompanied by good graphics, success is assured.

Asphalt 5 repeats the formula used in its previous installment. Good graphics and a good overall finish. There isn’t an abysmal leap between the previous installment and the new one, but there is something that is greatly appreciated: a significant improvement in game performance.

There is an attempt to improve what is already known and it seems that they have succeeded. One of the main failures of this saga was the constant loss of frames per second, which had a direct impact on worse gameplay. In this new installment, this bug has been solved almost entirely and a higher frame rate per second is maintained.improving the visual quality of the game and also its gameplay.

The scenarios also have more elements and in general with a better finish. Its weak point is the modeling of the cars, which although in ours it has a good finish, in the rest of the competitors in the race they look clearly poor.


We agree that a game enters through the eyes, of course, if after five minutes playing you feel that it is easier to invent a machine to make gold, than to do what they ask of you in the game, it is clear that it does not have a good gameplay .

Asphalt5, like the rest of the games of this type on the iPhone and iPod touch platform, has a half-playability, let me explain. I personally am not in favor of using the accelerometer as an input measure in a racing game, it seems inaccurate and somewhat uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Gameloft has thought of users who do not want to use this feature, so 3 game modes are included. I turn with the touch screen, use of accelerometer or with a small steering wheel on the screen.

Once the options are customized to our liking, the game gains a lot of points and is much easier to use.

The menu has also changed its operation and although its appearance is identical to that of the other version, enjoy a better finish and some options have been modified to improve access to them. The game also includes some new features:

  • 30 different cars to race.

  • 12 different locations, with more than one type of race in all of them.

  • New game modes.

  • Play online or locally thanks to the use of P2P technology.
  • Access to the iPod function from the game itself.


Do you like racing? Have you finished Need For Speed ​​yet? No doubt, Asphalt 5 is a great game, fun and with an attractive price of 5.49 euros.

To put a hit I will say that something long and heavy is done. Some races are extremely long for a mobile game, on long tracks the number of laps should be reduced to make the game more fun.

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