Italy today released Immuni, the First official European contact tracking app offered to the public using Apple and Google’s “COVID-19 Exposure Notification” system. From Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS), it is available as a free download. From SamaGame, we wanted to test it to see what these contact apps look like and get an idea of ​​what we might have in our country, as the Secretary of State for Artificial Intelligence and Digitization is working on an app. similar for Spain.

Immuni, the Italian contact tracking application

Although it is limited to Italian territory, the truth is that Immuni can be downloaded without problems. In addition, the the application seems translated into spanish. As described by the Italian government, the app has been developed in accordance with European privacy law, in the same way that other apps such as Latvia or Switzerland have also launched their app in recent days.

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The app is one of the earliest examples of how the Apple and Google Show Notification System works. With it, a user can receive alerts when he has been in contact with potentially infected users.

Immune 1 The Immuni app is available in several languages, including Spanish.

At the moment, the notification services are not active, although the application works fine at the menu level. From June 8, the health authorities of the regions of Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia will gradually launch the notification system.

Immune 2 When opening the application, the privacy policy that we must accept will appear.

Before starting the application, we will be asked to accept the privacy policy, for which we must indicate that we are over 14 years old.

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Here are the privacy promises of the Immuni app:

  • Does not collect your last name, first name, date of birth, address, phone number or email.

  • It cannot track your identity or that of the people you come into contact with.

  • It does not collect any geolocation data, including GPS data. Your movements are not tracked.

  • The data saved on your smartphone and the connections to the server are encrypted.

  • To help the National Health Service (SSN) take care of you, Immuni sends the following information to the Ministry of Health server: the province in which you reside, whether the application is working properly, whether you have received a notice of risky contact.

  • Your data is stored on a server in Italy, is administered by public entities and is supervised by the Ministry of Health.

  • All data will be deleted when it is no longer needed and, in any case, no later than December 31, 2020.

Region As expected, among the regions and provinces to choose from, only the Italian ones appear.

When configuring the application, Immuni asks to enter the region and province in which we are located. Here we have put one at random. At the moment, this does not affect, because sending information to health services is not active. Once the system is fully operational, we will be contacted with the telephone number corresponding to our region.


What permissions does the app need? First, it activates the “COVID-19 exposure notification” system. It is a tool that Google and Apple recently configured on mobile phones to make this type of application work. The base is not activated and we have to press manually to give access to the application to this system.

As described:

“Your phone must be Bluetooth enabled to securely collect and share random identifiers with nearby phones. Immuni can alert you if you’ve been around someone who has indicated they have tested positive for COVID-19. They are shared with by applying the date, duration and signal strength associated with the exposures. ”

Covid Immuni App How it works To use it, we need to turn on Bluetooth.

The main screen of the app is very basic, although the menu design is very neat. At the top we have a message indicating whether the application is active.

Below we have information with measures to protect ourselves and an FAQ on how the app works. Here we are told that cell phones share random codes through Bluetooth Low Energy and people who test positive decide if they want to share their random codes so that other users can receive a warning.

Immunized How it works 2 Immuni graphically explains how the Apple and Google systems work.

To function, the system of Apple and Google you must activate bluetooth. If we delete it, the app will become inactive. If it is activated, it will be reactivated automatically. From the settings, we can voluntarily interrupt access.

Inactive service If we turn off Bluetooth or deny permissions, the app will notify us that it is not active in the main menu.

If we want to know the details of this system, we have to go to Google or Apple settings. In the case of an Android mobile, you must go to Settings> Google> Notifications by COVID-19. This is where we will find the list of notification applications that we have installed in our terminal. As you can see in the following screenshots, Immuni is one of them.

Remove Random ID

In this menu we can choose to turn off exposure notifications and remove random IDs. In other words, manually delete IDs that the system has saved in the last 14 days. Otherwise, we will not be able to receive past exhibition notifications. Likewise, if we gave a positive result, we will not be able to warn other users, because in practice it will be as if we are not using the system.

Immuni Settings App The code we can provide to healthcare systems changes us every time we go into settings.

To use the app, there is nothing to do, as it works in the background. However, there is a point where user action is required. It’s him cases where we want to share that we have tested positive. In the settings we have the option “data download”. This is where we can send a code to the healthcare professional. This code appears on the screen, but it changes from time to time.

The operation is that in the event of a positive donation, it is necessary give this 9 character code to the doctor. The healthcare professional must confirm to us that this information has been correctly recorded. It is this point that we have not been able to prove, because for the moment it is not active and we are not in Italy either. The authorization check attempt fails.

The Immuni app will be available soon in the AppGallery app store, but predictably for Huawei devices that have Google services. the Code source Immuni It is available on Github.

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