The news The most striking of iOS 14 are, without a doubt, the widgets at home and the application library. With the beta installed for a few days on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, we are testing both functions. Although we still encountered errors and Bugs typical of a beta, we can see the appeal they offer.

Therefore widgets iOS 14 in beta

The first thing we have to say is that there is no the integration even showing how they work and are added New widgets family Home. That’s why we don’t know where to start.

Widgets 1

To do this, we need to hold down an icon of an app as if we were going to move it to another site. The apps will shake as usual and we will see a “+” icon in the upper left corner. When in a hurry we will all see widgets that we can add to our house.

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By choosing one of them and depending on the size, icons will scroll they were needed for an additional sheet of apps on the right. If we delete the widget, they will return to their site. There is widgets 2 × 2, 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 application icons.

To move them from one place to another, just hold them down and drag them. This, yes, we won’t be able to place them anywhere, because they have predetermined spaces. So, the 4 × 2 has only three locations: top, center and bottom.

Another aspect to highlight is the animations. Submit a widget in the middle of Home product a ripple effect on other applications. They’re both pretty cool.

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Some widgets inspired by apple watch

Widgets 2

The widgets iOS 14 draws much of the experience gained with the Apple Watch. The complications and dials of the watch inspired largely these information boxes that are now present on the iPhone and iPad. A clear example of this is the widget Smart Stack.

This is a direct inheritance from the Siri watch face of the Apple Watch. In this area, a series of cards evolves according to our needs learned by the system. Through machine learning, Siri is able to offer us what we need at the right time: placing photos, suggesting countdowns, showing the time and our calendar appointments.

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But it does so dynamically, eliminating cards that aren’t useful at the moment. Other widgets Forme 2 × 2 sWe look a lot like Apple Watch apps. Two very clear examples are Fitness (old Activity app) or Time.

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At the moment there is no widgets of third parties in this new format, although we can find them in the section to the left of the Home. We should wait for the official release of iOS 14 to start receiving adapted versions from developers.

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