Weapons from GTA 6 were found in RDR 2 files.


  • one of the Internet users found in the files of the console versions of the RDR game 2 lines of code with potential weapons from GTA 6;
  • These are the Browning Hi-Power pistol and the L1A1 and AK-47 rifles – they have been part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 code for several years, but have only now been found.
  • GTA VI is a game so much anticipated by the whole world that internet forums are constantly full of rumors and inquiries of all kinds. In August, we heard, for example, that the action of the work would take place in Vice City, and in November, a potential map of the area available to visit appeared on the web, but the credibility of both information left a lot to be desired. Yesterday there was another small discovery in this matter – it is quite possible that we got to know the models of weapons that we will be using in Grand Theft Auto VI.

    Where did this news come from? This is a slightly more complicated story, although when you break it down into its first parts, you can actually start to believe in its truthfulness and sense. One of the GTAForums users, DerekLeet, did some digging in the files Red Dead Redemption 2 and in one of them, namely propsets.meta, found lines of code with the names of specific rifles and pistols – Browning Hi-Power, L1A1 and AK-47. See for yourself:

    Weapons from GTA 6 were found in RDR 2 files

    Source: DerekLeet, GTA Forums
    Source: DerekLeet, GTA Forums

    How can you be sure it’s not a GTA 5 weapon? The Internet user compared the above-mentioned lines with those appropriate for the files from the fifth part of the game and noticed some significant differences – including different marking of the beginning of each name. In the case of newly discovered weapons, they start with the sequence of characters “W_J”. “W” probably corresponds to the word “weapon”, but the letter “J” still has not been deciphered by other forum users.

    Weapons from GTA 6 were found in RDR 2 files

    Both the L1A1 rifle and the Browning pistol do not tell us much, although their long-established origins (the 1930s and the turn of the 1940s and 1950s respectively) make us think that we will move to the sixth part of GTA in the past – perhaps somewhere in the seventh or eighth decade of the 20th century.

    It should be mentioned that the above weapon names functioned in the files RDR 2 since the premiere of this console gameso this is no discovery of America. Only now, however, Internet users have started to discuss this topic loudly and they agree that we are dealing with an intriguing curiosity that may actually apply to Grand Theft Auto 6.

    Weapons from GTA 6 were found in RDR 2 files
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