Each year the concepts of the next iPhone they seem to be the bread and butter of tech forums and media. Aside from being a device consistently, hitting some of the rumors, which appear just as frequently regarding Apple’s flagship, seems to be inspiring enough for designers to venture into their proposals.

However, recently a design studio decided to go back decades and put their artists in the shoes of Mad Men to design what would be. an advertisement for iPhone, if it had been an invention of the 60s marked by technological inventions that persist today. But even more interesting, because of how the advertisers managed to sell them.

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Mad Men style iPhone ad

This time, U Switch did a study that explores this idea, taking modern devices that we use so often and giving them 1960s style ads. The iPhone, as the most iconic technology invented this millennium, is a dream product for advertisers. Since the device allows you to email, text, conduct business, shop, and search the web, it is sure that the Mad Men of the 1960s would have more potential catchphrases than ‘they couldn’t handle it.

For this creative exercise, U Switch chose the slogan: “An iPhone a day keeps boredom away”, with this description: _ ”With more processing power than the rocket launched by Sputnik, Apple’s latest iPhone is the most wanted gadget this year. Turntable, library, and TV in one, iPhone also supports email and social media, putting the whole world in your hands. “_

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Expertly said, the description highlights the fact that the iPhone can offer the user many uses, making it a very essential item to have in your home. This, yes, the image is far from the minimalism that characterizes Apple today, but we can’t deny that it’s great.

U Switch has created six 60s-style posters for iPhone, Hive Home, PlayStation 5, electric bike, FitBit and Alexa. Create a very interesting look in an alternate reality, as modern products can be seen with a touch of nostalgia.

Source: Techradar