What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?.

For those who play battle royales, being able to get their hands on rare and iconic skins that allow us to distinguish our avatar from the rest is one of the greatest goals of the players and, in Free Fire, the case does not change.

The catalog of skins in Free Fire is extensive, with new ones being added on a regular basis that you can purchase by spending diamonds, completing missions or doing other types of tasks in the game. As with many other games of the same genre, such as Fortnite, many of these skins are based on events that take place in the real world, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, among many others.

In this guide, we will then discuss which of the most iconic and rare Free Fire skins – many of them were launched in the early days of the game, when the player base was still very small, which makes these Free Fire skins truly rare.

What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

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What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

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What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

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What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

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Rare Free Fire skins

Veteran’s Jacket Skin

An iconic FF skin. The skin of the Veteran’s Jacket is already quite a few years old, and therefore few players have it, having been offered to Free Fire users for linking their accounts to Facebook. Thus, the player wins double: in addition to having their account protected, they also receive a skin that, now, is absolutely rare!

What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

Saitama Skin (One Punch Man)

You probably have the One Punch Man skin on Free Fire, but it is so fantastic that it was impossible not to include it on the list. This skin comes from the collaboration between Free Fire and One Punch, bringing the powerful hero to the battle royale in two forms: the first, in his classic yellow suit; the second, of course, in his pajamas. Even Genos himself received a skin!

AIS Parachute Skin

What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

This is capable of being one of the rarest skins in Free Fire. Because? Because this iconic FF skin arrived with the game and you would have to enter a code to unlock this skin. So, if you see her somewhere on the battlefield, it is most likely to be a veteran Free Fire player – so run away, since he must have a lot of experience!

Skin La Casa de Papel in Free Fire

Free Fire has a huge weight in the video game industry, moving millions of people around the world and giving you the possibility to collaborate with some very successful brands – like La Casa de Papel, from Netflix.

The game and series then made a crossover and, of course, the iconic red jumpsuit became one of the most fun skins in the game – now, you can defeat other players dressed in Tokyo while singing “Bella Ciao”.

What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

Hip Hop Bundle Skins

Sometimes, certain skins are released temporarily in Free Fire and then withdrawn, becoming extremely rare – just like the skins in the Hip Hop package. Launched with the second Free Fire Elite Pass, they have never been relaunched again, so you have no way of obtaining them now. On top of that, having the Elite Pass was just one of the requirements, since you also had to complete a series of missions in order to unlock them.

Football jerseys

What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

During the 2018 World Cup, several football jerseys were launched at Free Fire – they have since been removed from the game but the fans demanded their return in such a way that they ended up returning to the servers. Sometimes, the union is strong and, in this specific case of the shirts of the Free Fire World Cup 2018, it ended up working well for the players.

Samsung partnership jacket

In 2019, Free Fire decided to collaborate with Samsung to give gifts to players who bought handsets of the brand’s Galaxy A line. Although some users have found ways to get around the code system needed to receive the jacket, the item is not yet common and obviously ends up being extremely coveted due to its rarity.

Dinos skins

The first time that the Incubator appeared on Free Fire was with these colorful dinosaur skins. As part of an important moment in the game, the Dinos soon became coveted items by the community.

Imagine being ambushed and attacked by a group dressed as dinosaurs as you can see in the image?

Having the six variations released at the time shows that the player is a veteran of Free Fire and is on top of trends. To further increase the desire for the skin, Angel Dino was launched, which, as the name implies, has very special prints.


What are the rarest skins in Free Fire?

This is a skin that evolves as you eliminate opponents. Do you need me to give you any more reason why the Predator skin on Free Fire is so sought after? It was, then, the first skin that evolved from Free Fire and reached several international servers through Legendary Royale, where it stayed only ten days.

Pink Guardian

Since the Pink Guardian skin came to Free Fire, it has become one of the rarest items in the game. This skin is very coveted because, as you can see in the image, it makes your avatar look like an anime character, being so popular in the community that a series of Youtubers are keen to show off their Pink Guardian skin .