what are they and how are they used.

Today we are going to explain what it is and how to use the new Instagram Best Friends feature. It is a feature presented at the end of November 2018, and that little by little has been reaching all users. Its purpose is to allow you to create a list of users to whom you can send certain stories that others will not be able to see.

We are going to start the article by explaining in the simplest way possible what exactly Instagram best friends are and what specific function this list has on Instagram. Then, we will go on to tell you step by step how to configure your list of best friends and how to use it when publishing Instagram stories.

what are they and how are they used

What are the best Instagram friends

The best friends on Instagram are a list of users with whom you want to share separate stories. By default, Instagram shares the stories you upload with all users or with just a few that you can choose. The list of best friends comes to cover you in case you always choose certain specific people to share certain stories.

Its premise is that there are some Instagram stories that are best shared only with a few trusted people. Well, this new function allows you to configure a list with the people you trust the most, so that later you have it easy to share content only with them.

what are they and how are they used

It is a function that for the moment is only functional with stories, and not with conventional publications. You can use it when you are going to publish a story, when next to the publication options you see that a called Best friends now appears.

Only you will be able to know which users are on your best friends list, and neither those you add nor others will receive any kind of notification when they are added or removed. Because of course, this list is fully customizable, and you can add or remove people from it whenever you can.

what are they and how are they used

How to set up and use your best friends

To configure your friends list on Instagram, the first thing you have to do is open the application and go to your profile. Once you are in your profile, click on the menu button that you have in the upper right with the icon of three horizontal stripes.

By clicking on the option, a side menu will open in which you can see a new column with several options. In this column, click on the Best friends option that will have appeared to you just above the one to discover people.

what are they and how are they used

You will go to a screen where Instagram will allow you to edit your list of best friends. In it you have two tabs, and the first thing you have to do is go to the Suggestions and click on the Add button next to the users you want to put on your friends list. You can add as many as you want, and Instagram will not send any notifications to these people.

In the tab Your list you can see who you have added to your best Instagram friends. You will distinguish them because a green star will appear on their avatar, and next to each one you will see a Delete button so that you can remove whoever you want from the list whenever you want.

You will use the list of best friends when you are going to publish an Instagram Story. You can create and edit the story as you have always done, nothing changes in the options you have in mind. However, when you go to publish it you will see that in the options below you will see a button Best friends. If you click on it, the story will be published directly so that only people who are on that list can see it.

what are they and how are they used

When you post a story, both normal ones and those sent to best friends will appear in your feed. However, you can distinguish them by the green Best Friends button that appears in the ones you have sent to this list. The people who receive it will see it as if it were a normal story, without any special callsign.