what are they and how to move a chat to general.

We are going to explain to you what are and how to use general Instagram messages, a second tab where you can take your private conversations or Direct messages. Until now, all the chats you had on Instagram were the same and behaved in the same way, but from now on these may be main or general.

So let’s start by telling you how is a general chat different from a main one, which you will see that practically only has to do with notifications. And then we will go on to tell you how to make a chat from the Main category be moved to the General one.

what are they and how to move a chat to general

What are general Instagram messages

General messages are a second tab where you can take private chats you have with any Instagram account. Until now, Instagram organized them all the same, and all messages behaved in the same category automatically. But now, Instagram has started to separate Main and General messages.

what are they and how to move a chat to general

The main messages of Instagram are the messages of a lifetime, and all the private messages you have on the social network will go to the Main tab by default and automatically. When a person writes to you there, you will receive notification that they have written to you, and you will know when they are writing to you.

While, general Instagram messages are muted chats. This means that when someone whose conversation is in the General tab writes to you, you will not receive a notification to let you know that they have written to you.

what are they and how to move a chat to general

Therefore, now you can organize the chats having which conversations you want to be notified for not having to mute chats by hand so that they do not reach you. You can use it both with people you talk to so much that you are bothered by so much notification as for those others who you want to ignore a bit.

How to pass a message from Main to General

what are they and how to move a chat to general

To make a conversation general, first you have to enter the chat you want to change. To do this, go to the list of private messages and enter the conversation you want. Once inside, press the i button for details about the chat that you will have in the upper right corner of the conversation.

You will enter the details screen, among which other things you can mute parts of a conversation, block the contact and other things. There, you just have to click on the Move button of the Move option to “General”. If it does not appear, you will have to wait for future updates of the application.

When you click on the Move button, a text will appear indicating that it has already been moved to General. Also, the option will become Move to * “Main” just in case you want to reverse the process and put this chat back in the main messages category.

what are they and how to move a chat to general

Now, when you enter the Direct or private messages on Instagram, you will see that the message you have moved already appears in the General tab, so that when they write to you, you will not receive any notification.