What did the PU editors play in December?.

In this section, we let the PU editors speak every month about what they have played in the past month. They’re like gamers, those PU editors!

This month was of course all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’ve been in the game for quite some hours now and the multiplayer is crazy fun again! Many of the new characters, such as Ridley, the Belmonts and King K. Rool, also suit me very well. I think I’ll be buying the Season Pass soon. I always avoid that when the content hasn’t been revealed in advance, but I have complete confidence in Sakurai.

Also this month I played Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! and bought Trails in the Sky during the Steam Sale. I hope to continue playing both games during the Christmas holidays. But first, I’m trying to convince my family to have a Smash Bros. tournament on Christmas Day. > 🙂

What did the PU editors play in December?

In the past month I have mainly focused on Runescape. I did that for my Serial x years later. I mainly looked at what has changed about the game since its release. And considering the game is almost 18 years old, that’s quite a bit! I must therefore honestly tell you that I had to come in properly … What my findings are, you will read on Thursday 3 January.

Furthermore, this month was all about two games on my Nintendo Switch. For starters, there was Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! I watched the cat out of the tree for a few days, but was quickly tackled by all the positive reviews. Fortunately, because the game has managed to surprise me so positively. It’s so much more than an easy remake or copy of Pokémon Go. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on the Pokémon RPGs, I highly recommend Let’s Go. And of course there was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Thanks to the extensive single player mode, this is truly the ultimate Smash Bros. experience for me. In short: two wonderful games that will keep me busy in January as well.

What did the PU editors play in December?

I also had to believe it: I have quite a few Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That is extra striking, because I may be a Nintendo fan, but I have never really enjoyed a Smash Bros. game. I only played all the games from the franchise together for a few hours at the most. I finally wanted to change that with the new Smash and I succeeded! I don’t know what makes it different this time, but I play out of single player mode with character after character, unlocking other new characters, and in between I play some of the World of Light mode. I also notice that I am actually getting better, which makes it so much fun.

I have also completed the last narrative missions of Red Dead Redemption 2, so that I can now finally put it in the closet (I have no need for Red Dead Online yet) and I will play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the third time for the full 100 percent off. I have already completed this genius platformer twice on the Wii U and for a review I ‘just’ finished the Switch version, but now I am literally collecting all the puzzle pieces, KONG letters and secret levels again. It remains a great balanced game that you can really get good at. Finally, I bought The Next Penelope in a sale on the Switch eShop for next to nothing. It’s a stylish indie game where you control super-fast spaceships while the camera watches the action from above. Kind of like two-dimensional F-Zero!

What did the PU editors play in December?

The end in Red Dead Redemption 2 is still not in sight, simply because I want my playing sessions to last at least three hours and I don’t always have the time – oh, and because of poker. However, in my ‘Christmas vacation’ I’m going to work long hours in-game and I can’t wait.

There was quite a bit of time last month, but instead of taming horses in RDR2, I’ve been stuffing virtual pocket monsters into balls in Pokémon Let’s Go. I waste my time there by chasing Shiny pokémon, which fortunately goes perfectly with catching up on series and podcasts.

What did the PU editors play in December?

I also play Lego Jurassic World with my girlfriend. While it starts off pretty weird with voiceovers plucked from Jurassic Park (the movie), in the end it’s fun to crawl into blocky dino skins. Finally, last week I got Road Redemption for the Switch, purely for nostalgic reasons, so that will be nice!

This month I worked up a sweat with Fitness Boxing. A game that does not actually offer fitness, nor boxing, but tries to be a kind of rhythmic thing. Try, yes: unfortunately it has been worked out very poorly. Especially the karaoke music tunes that come with it make me heartbroken. And I was always fond of those dozens of third party games that just inspire you to move, back in the Wii era.

Enough “grandma tells”, because I played more games: that’s how I picked up Cuphead again. It remains annoyingly difficult, especially for someone with 0 persistence. Still, that fine game is such a spectacle every time visually, that I like to be punished by it. I still doubt whether I would like Smash Bros. will purchase, but I’m especially looking forward to next month, because Life is Strange will continue and we FINALLY get Kingdom Hearts III!

What did the PU editors play in December?

My main activity this month was trying to bonjour my friends and colleagues off the platform in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sakurai has done it again! Ultimate is truly the ultimate Smash experience. I’ve also spent quite a few hours in World of Light, although my hesitation is still regularly kicked by some of those filthy spirits – but they will come.

Furthermore, this month I finally started with Detroit: Become Human (fat !) And I tried to improve my high scores in Beat Saber every now and then.

As usual, we would also like to hear which games you all play in this cold and wet December month. Let me know in the comments!

What did the PU editors play in December?