2020 has undoubtedly been an atypical year, atypical and also full of rumors and news from those of Cupertino. To end the season there is still “One more thing”, and is that Apple has prepared one more event before the end of the year, which will be held next November 10 and in which they are expected to present a good handful of news.

The event next Tuesday will be the one that closes all the news that Apple had prepared for 2020.

Before the official announcement at the end of last week by Tim Cook’s team, several leakers pointed to a last event after the presentation of the new iPhone 12, which would be expected this month and would be focused on the new Macs with Apple Silicon processors, the new architecture presented by Apple at WWDC 2020 last June.

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In this event, Apple assured that we would see the first Mac with a proprietary processor before the end of 2020, and since time is running out, few options were left for the presentation of the new computers.

But not only the new Macs will this event go, and it is expected that Apple will also present other products long rumored and filtered throughout this year. So Read on if you want to see first-hand everything Apple can present at Tuesday’s event.

Apple Silicon
Soon we will see Apple Silicon processors in Macs

New Macs with Apple Silicon

More than a rumor in this case we are talking about a true certainty, and it is that as we said Apple itself already anticipated that before the end of the year we would see the first Mac with a processor designed by themselves.

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Introduced at WWDC 2020, Apple introduced developers to transition from Intel processors to their own “Silicon”, processors created by the company with ARM architecture, just as they already mount the iPhone, iPad and other devices of the company.

Within what this implies, rumors point to the return of the 12-inch MacBook as a candidate to debut the new processors, as well as parallel or alternatively a variant of the MacBook Pro, either 13 or 16 inches. The chip to be assembled is said to be an A14X, a variant of the chip presented with the 4th generation iPad Air and also mounted by the new iPhone 12, and which is expected to be brought to the Mac autonomies that are between 15 and 20 hours, power at low consumption.

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The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has pointed out in parallel that Apple’s commitment to the new device could advocate incorporating the new chips in the popular MacBook Air, which would be followed by two new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. These new computers seem to not undergo major design changes compared to what we have right now in the range, and their news will all be internal.

All these news are based on rumors and leaks that exist in the network, and that have been shared by leakers and recognized analysts who in the past have demonstrated the certainty of their contributions.

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macOS Big Sur Safari
MacBook with macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur

After 5 months of betas, another of the great protagonists of the event could be macOS 11 Big Sur. Apple would have waited until the launch of the new Macs to avoid leaks and they would be presented together with the new public version of the operating system.

macOS Big Sur thus becomes the company’s first system since the last transition to will be designed to work with Intel and Apple Silicon processors, the latter with ARM architecture.

We can almost assure that the new version of macOS will see the light of the hand of the new Macs next Tuesday. Apple usually releases the first public version of its operating systems for computers before the end of the year, and we do not believe that 2020 will be an exception.

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The new AirTags could also come in two sizes.


Rumored for over a year, the possibility that the «AirTags» are presented at this event also exists, although not with the same certainty as the new processors and macOS Big Sur.

Apple’s smart tags are an accessory that has been rumored for a long time, and that users are beginning to think that they might not finally see the light of day. The functions of the «AirTags» go through the location of items, making use of the U1 chips of the iPhone, as well as “Trigger” for the iPhone, activating different options as we bring the terminal closer to the labels.

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Its design has been rumored to be circular, white on the front and metallic on the back, similar to a sheet metal. Along with its presentation a series of accessories would also be introduced, such as key rings and objects to mount them on other items.

There is also the possibility that we will not see this item on Tuesday, as there are rumors that Apple will wait until 2021 for the launch of its smart labels, so the certainty about it is in the air.

AirPods Studio
The AirPods Studio are called to be the headband variant of the Cupertino headphones.

AirPods Studio, AirPods X, and AirPods Pro Lite

Within the current AirPods offer there is a gap that Apple has not yet crossed: the headphones “Over Ear” headband. The calls until we know its real name as “AirPods Studio” will be Apple’s next step in this section, although not the only one.

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With fewer possibilities, there is also the possibility that Apple will present two more variants of its headphones True Wireless. In this case we would talk about a variant of the AirPods Pro, called “Pro Lite”, or a new range that would be known as “AirPods X”.

Among the novelties expected in these devices is the implementation of the ultra-wideband U1 chip, which would help the iPhone to know its position and location. These new headphones would gradually replace the Beats range of headphones, a subsidiary of those from Cupertino, which already has the Beats Studio and Beats X in its catalog.

Apple may not present any of these three new headphones, since we are talking about rumors and leaks from the web. We may see at least one of them, however we will not know this 100% until the event.

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Apple TV Remote
Siri Remote pointing at Apple TV.

Apple TV 6

It’s been 3 years since Apple updated the Apple TV to its 4K version, and in this time many things have changed for this device. In this case we would talk about a fine-tuning of the current Apple TV 4K, the top model of the two currently available, which would come to update its processor as well as its internal memory.

His heart would be an A12Z chip as has been speculated, capable of moving Apple Arcade titles with ease without problem. Games that it would house in a flash memory that could be increased including a step of 128GB. Leaving the 64GB version as the entry model. Too it could be that it will incorporate the U1 chip as well as a new Siri Remote, although these rumors are in the air.

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As with the “AirTags”, Apple could perhaps postpone the presentation of this new device to 2021, in a special event exclusive to these new devices.

Despite having already presented new iPhone and iPad this 2020, Apple is showing how it wants to get rid of the dependence of these terminals in its figures with the presentation of other new devices for which it is betting strongly. Now we just have to wait for the event on Tuesday, which It will be held at 7:00 p.m. in Spain and can be seen on the Apple website, Apple TV and YouTube.

Source : Techradar

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