What fans of Android iOS 14 most envy

Apple introduced iOS 14 last week with a good handful of more than interesting news. We have a renewal of the home screen with the widgets and the application library, we have the possibility to change the browser or the default messaging application, we have the PiP video, a new interface for calls , and so we could follow more than 100 news.

Yes, it is true that some of these functions were already in Android in their own way and that Apple has adapted them to their system, so many Android users will say that they already had these functions. However, There’s something they don’t have and deeply envy of iOS 14.

iOS 14 has something Android users can’t even imagine

It’s not something that came out of us, editor C. Scott Brown of Android Authority, one of the most important Android websites in the world, openly complained once it was revealed that iOS 14 would be compatible with the same iPhone as iOS 13. Which means that devices as old as the iPhone 6 will have 6 years of updates. And it is not the only one, we have already informed you of the complaints of a “Samsung fan” who showed his discomfort when he saw that his Galaxy of more than 1000 euros would not receive Android 11 and that an iPhone 2015 would be updated to iOS 14.

Imagine for a second that this year Samsung announces that the Galaxy S6 will be updated to Android 11. Think about it, because this amount of dedication to software updates is what iPhone users expect and what Apple offers .

It is true that Apple leaves with advantageUnlike Samsung and other big brands, Apple controls both hardware and software. It’s not a fair comparison, but it’s no less true that Android brands could try a little more and keep their devices up to date for more than two years.

We know that an apple-to-apple comparison cannot be made between iPhone and Android phones when it comes to software updates. However, it does not hurt to see that the iPhone 6S will have iOS 14. It continues to get worse and I envy the Apple ecosystem.

iOS 14

As pointed out by the Android Authority, even Google, you should have no excuse to stop updating your own phones, because Apple designs the software, left devices like the Google Pixel launched in 2016 They will not be updated to Android 11. The iPhone 7, released by Apple also in 2016, not only supports iOS 14, but you can also install iOS 15 next year.

Even if you buy a $ 1,000 phone from Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, you will only get two years of updates at most.

Updates are more important than they appear, not only do they fix bugs and offer improvements, but they represent brand involvement. Before, it was very rare for a smartphone to last more than 2 years because each new version has improved a lot, however we come to a time when improvements are minimal, it has practically peaked in terms of screen power or quality and the only improvement is focused on the cameras, but it is not an exaggerated improvement either.

That made smartphones last longerTherefore, updating them may be essential to ensure proper operation. However, the years pass and the Android brands still do not update their smartphones beyond two years and decide to “abandon” the users in favor of new models. This is something that has never happened in iOS, which I understand some people envy.

Source : ipadizate.es