What is a power supply? How to choose the best one for our PC?.

Often when talking about powerful PCs, parts like the graphics, cooling or the processor, for example, are mentioned. However, little is said about one of the most important parts and on which the rest of the components literally depend: Power supply. This element takes care of supply power constantly to the rest of the components and the connected peripherals It is important to highlight the great importance of choosing a good power supply in the process of creating a PC.

How does a power supply work?

The power supply is one of the most important components of a PC, since the rest of the PC components could not function without it. This is why we must pay equal or more attention to the choice and provision of this element for / on our PC. In fact, if we choose a power supply that is not adequate for the rest of the components, the latter could suffer and our PC will not perform the same.

What is a power supply? How to choose the best one for our PC?

The power supply takes electricity from the mains and reduces it to the rest of the PC components. East reduction process It is an administration job so that each component receives the electrical energy necessary to function in its proper measure. This work is done through components such as resistors, transformers, coils …

  • Transformation proccess: It reduces the electrical tension and adapts it to what each component of the PC needs.
  • Rectification process: This process ensures that voltage fluctuations do not occur. This allows the voltage to be kept at the ideal figure so as not to damage the components.

This is how it works, but… And the power?

More important than knowing every little element of how a power supply works is knowing the power in watts (Watts) that it can manage, because it depends on this factor that the rest of the components receive the correct load to function that we have talked about. If not, our PC will suffer overheating and lower performance, which in turn will result in a rapid component wear. Broadly speaking, the power supply could be classified as the heart of the pc.

What is a power supply? How to choose the best one for our PC?

As a rule, the higher the power (more watts) we can install more powerful components, which require a higher power. The components of the leading gaming PCs are clear examples. For PCs with superior components it is usually recommended to 800W or 1000W.

On the other hand, if our use is going to be less extreme, even for graphic design or gaming, we could opt for powers such as 450W and 500W. We give you an example of an average PC:

What is a power supply? How to choose the best one for our PC?
  • Graphic card: From 30W to + 300W.
  • Base plate: 30-40W
  • Storage (hard drives, SSD …): About 25W / unit.
  • PCI or PCIe slots (without graphics): Depending on what we say.
  • USBs, RAM memories, fans and substitutes: Between 1 and 5W.

How to choose my ideal power supply?

We have previously indicated that we must take into account the rest of the components that we are going to integrate, because they will all be connected by cables to a metal box with many connectors designed for these devices. There are several types of power supplies, but today all modern ones comply with the ATX standards. We can classify power supplies by size and efficiency:

  • Size: There are a wide variety of fonts in this category. We will focus on the main ones and in the last point we will specify other models.
    • ATX: Current standard size with dimensions of 150 x 150 x 86 mm, although any length is currently considered standard ATX, as long as the height of 86 mm and the width of 150 mm are respected.
    • SFX: The size of this type is much smaller and is used in SFF equipment. They have dimensions of 100 x 125 x 63.5 mm and require an adapter for standard ATX cases. Has a version SFX-L which is slightly larger than 130 x 125 x 63.5mm, allowing a fan to be attached
    • Other: Flex-ATX, TFX, WTX or AMD GES.
  • Efficiency: In this case, manufacturers must certify that their sources have the equivalent of 80Plus: Bronze. The organism 80 Plus classify this type of sources as we show you in the following screenshot that we have taken from Wikipedia.

Based on everything we have told you, you can choose the ideal font for your PC. To close this publication we offer you a list with the best power supplies of the moment.

What is a power supply? How to choose the best one for our PC?




This range is designed for computers that do not have the latest components From the market. We do not recommend using the fonts that we are going to expose on high-end computers These power supplies are intended for high-end computers and demanding gamers. We present you the best in relation to their quality / price This section is that of the cigars. We speak of major words. In this section we have brands offering superior PC power supplies and that they will endure extreme activity
Seasonic M12II and S12G Corsair Vengeance be Quiet! Dark Power Pro
Thermaltake Toughpower Corsair TX-M Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker
EVGA GS, G1 and G3 Seasonic SnowSilent Series Seasonic PRIME
Cooler Master MWE Seasonic X-Series / Platinum Series Antec HCP Platinum
Corsair VS and CX Corsair AXi / AX -HX / HXi – RMi / RMx – SF Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB PLUS
Seasonic Focus Gold / Plus Gold / Plus Platinum Corsair AXi

And this is all about power supplies! You already know what they are, how they work and you have a great variety of examples. Now it is your turn to choose the source that best suits your PC and wallet. We hope it has been of help to you. If you know of any other power supply that should be on the list, mention it in comments.