The iOS 14 update will bring over 100 updates and news to improve the functionality of our iPhone and its accessories. In that sense, one of the announcements in which Apple put more emphasis on WWDC20 referred to a new feature available on AirPods called ‘Spatial Audio’, whose offer is a 3D audio experience.

Hearing this term, it is likely that many will infer that this is a more immersive sound and that without a doubt would improve the already excellent quality of Apple wireless headphones And while that is partly the case, this feature has a reach that, except for its developers, few could imagine.

How AirPods Will Change With ‘Spatial Audio’

What is AirPods Pro ‘Spatial Audio’

According to a note published in idropnews, the feature that will come to AirPods Pro, ‘Spatial Audio’ involves at least five major differences from the sound we’ve seen so far.

1.Space audio is surround sound: So far, this concept has made it possible to capture different sounds from the speakers in a room, but this new proposal wants to go further and turn the sound into an immersive experience that makes users feel like they are part of an environment while watching a movie or playing a video game. And clearly, instead of big speakers, anything will be possible thanks to the small headphones signed by Apple.

2.Smart earphone tracking: One of the smartest parts of this spatial audio is its possibility to change depending on where your head is, relative to the device, thanks to its accelerometers and gyroscopes. This quality makes the audio appear to be coming from stationary sources around you rather than your headphones, and adds a sense of realism to the sound experience.

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What is AirPods Pro ‘Spatial Audio’

3.spatial audio compatibility: To deliver a surround sound experience, Apple doesn’t have to worry about sleek new formats. Instead, AirPods take audio data from Dolby 5.1, 7.1 et Atmos and use them to create audio filters and frequency adjustments to create a surround sound experience. This variable means good news for all movies, games, and songs that already use these well-established formats.

4.AR experiences: This spatial audio technology is also key to Apple’s augmented reality plansIt gives developers the green light to create surround sound that enhances the experience. While Apple still doesn’t have an AR headset announcement just yet, if the company makes one, it already has its head.

What is AirPods Pro ‘Spatial Audio’

5.Makes AirPods Perfect For Any Occasion: From a practical standpoint, all of these functions favor users who use their AirPods as the only alternative for headphones, even when watching movies or playing games. Now, the change in the listening experience will be truly impressive.

Apple surprised with a major software update for AirPods Pro, available since iOS 14, which will undoubtedly take one of its most popular accessories to another level.

Source : Techradar

What is AirPods Pro ‘Spatial Audio’