Apple has just released the firmware update for the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. Thanks to this, users of the AirPods Pro can enjoy a feature called spatial audio or spatial audio which provides an amazing sound experience. We have already been able to test this feature and here we tell you what it consists of.

Spatial audio, a dynamic way of listening to movies and series

As Apple explained at WWDC where it introduced this feature of the AirPods Pro, spatial audio creates a sound environment that goes beyond the left and right tracks. Depending on the content you are viewing, these AirPods can create what is called a “sound field.” Taking the device to which they are connected as a reference, a directional source of sound is created.

What is and why is the “spatial audio” of the AirPods Pro so amazing

Until now, the channel emitted by the left side was reproduced in the left earphone, while the right earphone was in charge of the sound in the right. Whatever you do the sound always came in this way, no matter what you do with your head.

Now this is not necessarily the case anymore. If you leave your device in one place and move your head, the sound will always move with its screen as the point of origin. With this a much more immersive experience is achievedespecially if we are in a moving environment.

How the spatial audio of the AirPods Pro works

What is and why is the “spatial audio” of the AirPods Pro so amazing

The spatial audio of the AirPods Pro is a function that is within its settings. If you have iOS 14 and update your AirPods Pro, it will be activated by default, but you can control the setting in two ways:

What is and why is the “spatial audio” of the AirPods Pro so amazing

  • In Settings> Bluetooth> AirPods Pro there is a spatial audio button.
  • From the Control Center, with the AirPods Pro on, you can open its options by holding down the volume slider.

With this function activated, the AirPods Pro will simulate the arrival of sounds from multiple points around us. Uses directional filters and frequency shifts in each ear to try to give that immersive experience. The gyroscope and accelerometer that each AirPod Pro incorporates allows you to know how you move your head according to the reference. This gives you an immersive effect on the sound experience, without the need to have multiple sound sources in tiny headphones.

What is and why is the “spatial audio” of the AirPods Pro so amazing

Thanks to this technology, Apple ensures that the AirPods Pro are capable of reproducing 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos sound. The latter is a very significant step in the sound experience of a movie, since it is not limited only to sounds on our sides. It also adds a top coat that allows a three-dimensional sound.

The Greyhound movie on Apple TV + has this kind of sound and your experience is totally mind-blowing. Naval battles, cannon shots and engines “live” on your iPhone or iPad. To find out which movies or series have Dolby Atmos, you have to make sure that it appears on their file for the service you are using (on Apple TV + it is clearly specified).

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