What is Google Platform?.

What is Google Maps platform? Google Maps has become one of the most important alternatives to have access to all kinds of Spatial Information. From maps to the current transport situation, the functions of Google Maps are becoming more varied and important for all types of users.

Conceptually, Google Maps is a Web server, whose consultation is carried out through different means; a desktop web platform or a mobile application that can be installed on mobile devices and tablets.

What is Google Platform?

It originated as a tool designed far removed from Google. It was bought from the Australian company known as Where 2 technologies and in 2005 it was officially launched. At first it was only available for Europe, but little by little it was extended and added more and more useful functions and tools.

A recent tool that is based on Google Maps is Google Maps Platform.

What is Google Platform?

What is Google Maps Platform?

This is an interface for the programming of Google’s APIs (Application Programming Interface in Spanish) directed specifically for Google Maps. This interface enables the integration of Google Maps and associated features into websites and applications.

According to Google Cloud, the website where the Google Maps Platform service is contracted, this service provides information for almost 99 percent of the worldwith more than 25 million daily updates and has around a billion active users.

What is Google Platform?

Google Maps Platform allows you to position a company or brand on the map.

Some of the features of Google Maps Platform

This interface offers three main types of services: Places, Routes and Maps

What is Google Platform?

Places. Through ´Places´ you can have access to everything type of informationquite detailed, about shopping centers, restaurants, premises, as well as a summary of the activities that take place in said places, addresses and contact telephone numbers.

The main advantage of Places that is constantly updated by the contribution of hundreds of millions of users around the world and from local guides.

Places integrates among some of its functions; places details to know names. ratings, addresses, reviews and contact information for more than 150 million sites. Current place to identify a place in real time, Find Place to find a place by contact number, auto-fill to have suggestions for places.

What is Google Platform?

Other functions are Geocoding to convert addresses into Geographical coordinates, Geolocation, which shows the location of a place where a device is located and Time zone to know the time zone of a place.

Routes. This allows users to know the ideal route to reach the company that hires Google Maps Platform. It has Directions to offer routes by public transport, buses, walking or by bike. Distance Matrix, which shows the transfer times between locations, and Roads, with which users can know the itineraries with the route to travel.

Maps. The most important of the Google Maps Platform services. Offers both the default map and the street view, to be inserted in applications and web pages. These maps can be customized through markers, colors and lines and include satellite images.

What is Google Platform?