What is Nintendo Switch Online?.

What is Nintendo Switch Online? The nintendoswitch It is the last console developed by Nintendo. It is the first hybrid device, that is, it can fulfill both the desktop role such as traditional consoles, and the portable version. This has given it a unique feature in the market.

Since its launch, it has become in immediate success. In its first month, it had surpassed the margin of two million consoles sold. As of the writing of this article, Nintendo has sold more than eighty million Nintendo Switch units worldwide, consolidating the success of this console.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Currently, two models are available; the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch lite. The latter is the most recent, it is completely portable since it was conceived for this purpose and all the components that made it desktop were eliminated. The price of the first reaches $299 while the second is at $199.

Connectivity on Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch Online

like all next generation consoles currently available, the Nintendo Switch has its own internet service. It’s not really an internet service, but rather a Nintendo product service that takes advantage of the internet connectivity capability that was built into the console.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

This service is called Nintendo Switch Online, and in it you will find all the games available for the Nintendo Switch in its digital version, in addition to finding the latest updates and news about the games and about Nintendo itself. It went into operation on September 19, 2018.

Cost of the Nintendo Switch Online

It is possible that as a Switch user you can have access to Nintendo Switch Online, but in order to purchase digital games and other items, it is necessary that pay a subscription The cost of it amounts to $20 for a whole year of service.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

However, subscription price may vary. In some countries, this service can be accompanied by some promotions, such as the twelve-month plan to obtain gold points in My Nintendo. Whose prices in the US can range from $19.99 for the individual subscription to $34.99 for the family.

These prices may change in other countries.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

What benefits do you get with the subscription?

The purchase of the subscription allows you enjoy content that would otherwise be impossible to achieve, among which we can name:

  • you will enjoy online games of your favorite games with your friends. For example, you can play multiplayer in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.
  • You will also have access to classic games catalog that the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo have uploaded to the platform.
  • You can use the nintendo cloud for saving games from compatible games, such as Pokémon Home.
  • Enjoy of voice chat from the smartphone application.
  • take advantage of offers completely exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members.