What is the main story of Outriders?

What is the main story of Outriders?

Outriders is a third-person shooter video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. It is an open world game that A dystopian fantasy world, with enemy artillery such as armored cars, mutant creatures, human enemies, ancient monsters and other enemies. The main story is based on the events that lead a group of soldiers to cover the flight of a ship destined for a distant planet in search of a new life.

Cheats for Outriders

To defeat the enemies and complete the main story of Outriders you have to use a combination of skills, strategies and equipment. Here are some tips and tricks to succeed.

  • Learn how to use your class
    • There are four classes in Outriders: Envoy, Desperado, Technician, and Pyromancer. Learn your class skills to dodge enemies and destroy them.
  • Use the terrain advantage
    • Try not to be exposed to the enemy’s attacks. Seek to take cover behind objects or shelters.
  • Get quality equipment
    • Find out how to get the best equipment for your class. Researching to get the best weapons for your class will help you complete the main story.

To the next level of Outriders it is impossible to complete the main story if the cheats mentioned above are not applied.


As an Envoy, the best way to defeat enemies is to apply the use of terrain advantage cheat. Hide behind a shelter to avoid enemy attacks. Exploit the ability of your class to damage mutant creatures and armored cars. The most important thing is to get the best equipment for Envoy to complete the main story.

Outriders: the main story behind one of the most popular action games of 2021

In 2021 Outriders has become one of the most popular action video games. Many people wonder what is the main story of Outriders?. In this article we will explain exactly how this fantastic adventure works.

Find your role in the world of Outriders

Outriders gives you the chance to become one of the main characters in an epic adventure in an unknown world. You will explore an exciting universe, full of dangers and challenges, as you try to discover who, or what, is hiding behind humanity’s awakening from the dream in which they all found themselves.

Outriders Main Story Tips and Tricks

Although Outriders is an action game, there are some tips to remember in order to get to the end of the main plot:

  • Explore all the corners of the world: Over time, little by little, you will be deciphering the mysteries of the world of Outriders. Explore each location thoroughly to discover the deepest secrets.
  • Keep an eye out for all the dialog options: Many of Outriders’ problems are solved through dialogue. Listen carefully to all the options that are presented to you so that you can find the right option.
  • Don’t waste time and collect all the improvements you can: Improved weapons, armor and more powerful equipment is essential to face the most difficult challenges.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy a moving and exciting adventure, covered by an intense futuristic atmosphere.


Outriders has managed to succeed among players around the world thanks to its epic story full of unexpected twists. If you want to discover the background of this adventure, introduce yourself as the protagonist and start your search!

Remember to follow the tips above and get the best equipment to complete the main story successfully. Good luck Outriders!

The Outriders Story

Outriders is an intense shooter created by Square Enix and People Can Fly for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This survival adventure set in space will give players the chance to face horrifying monsters, explore a dangerous planet, and discover the truth behind the missing special expedition. This is the main story of Outriders.

Context of the story

The game begins with the story of a human expedition in search of a new home that reaches Enoch, an unknown planet. Together with the Outriders, the team must explore Enoch and discover the expedition’s true intentions. Inside Enoch there is a mysterious alien power that leads the protagonist to discover the true nature of this expedition.

Outriders cheats to experience the story

  • Complete the story challenges. Completing story challenges will give you the chance to unlock bonuses that will help you on your adventure. Explore the planet and learn the details of the story to get the best prizes!
  • Unlock special teams. To unlock the secrets of Outriders history, unlock special gear for a better chance of surviving Enoch’s hostile environment. Special equipment includes armor, boots, and weapons!
  • Use special moves. Use special moves to get the most out of the Outriders story. Combine your moves with special weapons for better results!


The main story of Outriders offers players the chance to explore the planet Enoch while uncovering the secrets of the lost expedition. With in-game cheats like completing challenges, unlocking special equipment, and using special moves, players can unravel Enoch’s story and discover the true purpose of the expedition. Explore Outriders today to discover the story!

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