The good thing about working in the world of tech diffusion is that you are up to date with everything. The bad thing (for the wallet) is that sometimes you end up falling down and shopping. I must admit that in some cases, this promising gadget ends up raising dust in a drawer … but in others, you see the light: How could I live so long without this jaw harp ? The rise of voice assistants and the democratization of home automation are proof of this: speakers, connected sockets, smart bulbs, smart thermostats, connected air conditioners …

We asked the SamaGame editors the connected device they use the most in their smart home , the best buy they made for their smart home. These were his answers.

Meross and Osram Smart + sheet

Recommendation from María González

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At home, I have several “smart plugs” and the truth is that I find them super useful: this Osram Smart (already abandoned) is more normal and I bought it as an offer and that of Meross (13.99 euros) is more advanced and has followed consumption

Why is this the most useful I have? Because practically turning any device into a connected device . In my case, I have a traditional air purifier without any connectivity that I can turn on and off remotely, without even being at home, thanks to the outlet.

I can schedule it as well, so I scheduled it to automatically turn on for several hours a day. If you have unconnected devices that are working fine and you don’t want to renew , but you want to program or control them remotely… this is the best option.

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TP-Link smart bulb and Maxcio humidifier


The recommendation of César Muela

Without a doubt, what I use the most on a daily basis is the TP-Link Google Home Mini + smart bulb combo (14.99 euros), which I placed in the living room lamp. In addition to turning the light on and off when you enter or leave the room, with the Kasa application, which is the one used by the bulbs of this manufacturer, I see the consumption and a prediction depending on when I have it .

I also use a fairly connected humidifier (39.99 euros) that I have in the room, especially now that the heat is on and the atmosphere is drier. Thanks to the Smart Life app, I configured it to only turn on at a certain time each day. It is quite comfortable.

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I was looking for a connected model compatible with Google Home because today it continues to convince me more than Alexa, especially because I use the Google ecosystem a lot and there are more synergies (mobile, email, calendar, notes, etc.), and that it was not excessively expensive

Eedomus + controller

Eedomus controller

Recommendation from Iván Linares

At home we bet on home automation with central control that allows endless possibilities: eedomus (299 euros). Connects to the Internet and allows you to manage everything that happens at home from anywhere , from the temperature in the dining room to turning on the porch light. I added many accessories (intrusion detectors, cameras, thermometer, lights…) to create a very powerful demotic solution quite simply.

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The best thing about the board is not only being able to control all the connected accessories, but also your programming possibilities . And I can create as many rules as I want. For example, when the porch light goes out when the motion sensor is activated, I can program the lights in the house to come on at a certain time, to keep the house at a certain temperature … The best purchases I made: in addition to comfort, it also offers me security .

PVP on eedomus 299 €

TP-Link HS110 and Koogeek plugs


Jose Antonio Carmona’s recommendation

In my case and even though I have LED bulbs and lamps at home, the connected system that I have taken advantage of the most is the smart plug . For the price and the features, this is the product I get the most from. I have three of them at home and use them daily to turn lighting or air conditioning systems on or off, both manually and programmatically: there are two TP-Link HS110 (21.90 euros) and one by Koogeek (49 euros)

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With routines to have the lights turn on at a certain time every night of the week when it’s time to sit on the sofa to watch a TV series or turn the fan on or off when the air conditioning is on. off is not necessary… away from home, these sockets are the complement of IP cameras, because they allow me to turn them off and on remotely to be aware of everything that happens in my absence.

PVC at Media Markt 39.90 €

Fitbit Aria connected scale


Laura Sacristan’s recommendation

In my case, the connected device that I have used the longest time – and that has become essential for me – is a Fitbit smart scale, especially the Aria model released in 2012 (Note: it is no longer available, it was replaced by the second generation)

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My boyfriend and I have created a profile (recognizes eight users), so that every time we access it we weigh and measure our body fat percentage to display them on your screen and send them to our mobile via WiFi within a few seconds.

Then in the Fitbit app, we can also check BMI (Body Mass Index) and all of our history to check on time trends and goal setting . It is powered by four batteries that last for several months and has an easy to clean glass surface. It’s been with me for 8 years and it works like the first day, but when I stop doing it I’m sure I’ll buy the Fitibit Aria 2 (126 euros) (or the 3, which maybe already has been released).

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PVP at PcComponentes 126 € PVP at El Corte Inglés 129 €

Koogeek Smart Plugs

Screenshot 2020 06 05 to 11 11 21

Antonio Sabán’s recommendation

In my house, home automation is carried out by four Koogeek smart sockets (24.99 euros) that I bought and which help me to turn lights on and off like lamps or to control the hours during which I want it to heat up. -water turns on. Thanks to the latter I managed to save a lot of energy month after month, which is transferred to the electricity bill .

Beyond that, I use these plugs because I love knowing how much energy everything I have at home is consuming , so that I don’t measure as much to measure as to be more efficient. So when I buy a new gadget that works with current, I usually check how much it uses, even if it is a mobile charger.

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To control all this by voice, in addition to its dedicated applications, I use the Alexa assistant, integrated into my TV and the third generation Amazon Echo Dot speaker (39 euros).

Yeelight smart bulb


Sam Fernández’s recommendation

No one can say my house is too home automation even though I have a certain Google Home for answering questions and playing music players. But I dared to buy devices a few months ago, a connected Xiaomi (Yeelight) bulb (21.99 euros) and a universal remote control that I use to turn the air conditioning on and off from the street.

The second I use very little but the bulb gave me life . The lamp in my living room is not very accessible and I appreciate being able to control it by voice, turn it on and off or reduce the intensity. Although my nephews have taken a liking to having it change color, and it’s always a surprise when you turn it back on.

The next thing I will do in my house is to replace normal bulbs with smart bulbs , I’m clear that compensates me, and so much more, to be able to manage them by voice.

TP-Link HS100 smart plug


Frankie MB’s recommendation

I recognize that although in 2020 I have no technology connected and associated with smart devices. However, a discreet toy that I asked almost by inertia offers to take the leap.

Where I normally write I don’t have air conditioning so I usually use an old fan that works like the first day. Little to do with the most modern. Until recently, I turned it on by pressing the button, either before sitting at the desk or when I was sitting down. The reality is that in these times when one day it is hot in Malaga and the next hail is a chore.

My very modest contribution comes when I decided to use the smart plug for the TP-Link HS100 smart plug (14.98 euros), which I acquired by paying a little more for the Amazon Echo Show 8 (83 euros).

I can turn the fan on and off with one touch and without having to be too distracted. I am clear that when the cold comes, the process will be the same with my stove.

PVC in PcComponentes 14.98 €

LE Smart WiFi table lamp


The recommendation of Jesús Quesada

The first (and only, for the moment) connected accessory that I have at home (not counting the speakers / screens) is this RGB night light (35 euros) which can be controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa .

I opted for its modern appearance, the possibility of varying the colors And, the most important aspect: control it with an assistant. I was curious how easy it was to use one of these devices with voice commands, and that’s good.

I mainly use the lamp when it is dark and I continue to read or work. For its price and features, I think it’s a good buy.


The other device that I use a lot is the Lenovo Smart Display 10 (239 euros). I took the offer that we recently posted in SamaGame Selección to grab it because it seemed very attractive for its price.

Although at home I have multiple speakers with Alexa, I didn’t have any with Google Assistant, so it was also kind of an excuse to test them out to see firsthand which of the two I like the most. . The feature I like the most is that It has Chromecast built-in and you can send audio or video content (like HBO, Filmin, Plex and Disney +.

I do not understand how Netflix, being present in all kinds of devices, does not allow it to be used with smart screens of this type. I also hope that Amazon is encouraged to make Prime Video compatible with it now that the service can be used in normal Chromecasts.) The picture quality is good and the sound, in my opinion, is quite decent. He has become a new companion on my desk.

IKEA smart bulbs


Miguel López’s recommendation

“The home automation accessories that I use the most are without a doubt IKEA smart bulbs (from 10 euros). They are inexpensive and meet my needs Enough to be able to change the environment by playing with the intensity and temperature of its light depending on the situation.

It’s great for things like turning them down when I want to watch a movie or read in bed before I go to sleep, or leaving a light on when I leave so that we have people outside the house.

Also, integration with Siri I can make these changes just by saying the command to my iPhone or Apple Watch.

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Xiaomi Mi smart power socket


The recommendation of Eva Rodríguez de Luis

I’ve been testing speakers and connected devices for a few years and in the end hardly use their connection state. In fact, my smart speakers are almost used to listening to music. But there is something that I took advantage of: smart outlets in general and one in particular, the one connected to my water heater.

My house has central heating and an electric thermos that I have adjusted with the Xiaomi smart plug. Home automation devices are generally expensive, I took advantage of an offer and got it for 10 euros. Now I have not only programmed it, but I turn it off and on again when I go on a trip from my mobile. Wonderful for controlling consumption. I like that its connectivity is Wi-Fi so that it doesn’t need more middleware, is easy to use, and works well. It is amortized.

Price in El Corte Inglés € 14.99 Price in Media Markt € 14.99 Price in PC Components € 15.75

What smart device do you use the most?

Throughout this article, we’ve told you which smart gadgets get the most out of them, and as you’ve seen, smart plugs come out ‘the winner’ .

However, we have surely left other very useful devices. If you consider a smart device that deserves to be on the list because you give it a lot of use, you can leave your contribution in the comments. Thank you for your participation!

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