What is the nintendo switch?.

What is the nintendo switch? Of all the possibilities that exist to entertain yourself, the videogames They have gained a privileged place. Since the beginning of the video game era, more than one person has felt the need to play them and get to know the experience they provide.

So it is not surprising that there are more than one option, both console and video game so we can all choose the one we like best. There has always been stiff competition in the market. Well-known companies in this sector have been Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

What is the nintendo switch?

Each one has its own representative and even its catalog of games that can become exclusive. Sony has developed all versions of the PlayStation, Microsoft has created the Xbox series, and Nintendo has released various consoles over the years, such as the Nintendo 64, Wii, and currently the Nintendo Switch.

In this article we will focus on describing this latest Nintendo console, its characteristics, particularities, among other information.

What is the nintendo switch?

What is the Nintendo Switch and when was it released?

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console developed by Nintendo. It was announced in October 2016 and officially launched in March of the following year. According to the own words of the company that developed it, the Nintendo Switch it is the first hybrid console that produce.

The term hybrid is attributed due to its ability to transform from a console desktop to laptop very easily, thanks to the fact that the elements that compose it are capable of being uncoupled and coupled.

What is the nintendo switch?

These components are mainly a tablet with an LCD screen, a base where this tablet rests and recharges energy and the joy cons or controls. It is possible to separate the tablet and insert the joy-cons to the sides of it.

Because the game cartridge is inserted into the tablet itself and it has its own power reserve, it can be taken anywhere and enjoy the games without any problem. This feature makes it totally unique in the market at a price of $299.

What is the nintendo switch?

Are there several models of Nintendo Switch?

The first model of the console is the standard version, however, by the year 2019, Nintendo would announce and launch a completely portable version of the console called Nintendo Switch Lite.

This lost its ability to be a desktop console as the hardware elements to transmit video to other devices were removed and the joy-cons were fully integrated into the screen.

This was done in order to provide a more accessible console economically than its predecessor. Its price reaches $199, one hundred dollars cheaper than the standard version.

What is the nintendo switch?

For the year 2021 a new model has been announced; the Nintendo Switch OLED. This will be available in October of that year with some improvements to storage, sound and increasing the tablet’s screen to 7 inches.