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What is Zombie Upgrade in Cold War?

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War features innovative and exciting Zombies gameplay. This new installment of Activision’s hit video game franchise offers fans a whole new experience.

As with many other games, there are several ways to improve player performance while playing the game. This upgrade is called the Zombie Upgrade. This tool provides players with a number of advantages, such as better weapon performance and survival skills in Zombies mode.

How to use the Zombie Upgrade

Using the Zombies upgrade is easy. Players can activate the buff from the main screen and will be given the option to choose from a variety of buffs. Once a player has activated an enhancer, they can take advantage of the abilities and perks it provides.

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Cheats for the improvement of Zombies

There are several tips and tricks to maximize Zombies boost:

1. Upgrade your weapons: The best way to reap the benefits of upgrading is to upgrade all of your weapons to the highest possible level. This will give you higher weapon performance and a higher survival rate.

2. Use superpowers: Some of the Zombies upgrades will give players special abilities like teleportation and electric shock. These super powers can be very useful in helping players get out of Zombies mode alive.

3. Use the Collectibles: Collectibles such as shields, EMP grenades, and extra ammunition are very useful to help players survive in Zombies mode. These items can increase the player’s health and ability to defend against enemies.

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4. Buy Upgrade Kits: Upgrade Kits are available in the game and can improve various abilities such as stamina and weapon damage. This can be very useful for players who are trying to get through certain sections of the game more easily.


Zombies Upgrade is a very useful tool for Call of Duty fans who want to maximize their performance in Zombies mode. Using tips and tricks like upgrading weapons, using super powers, and purchasing upgrade kits can help players achieve success in a challenging and complex scenario.

What is the Zombies buff in Cold War?

The Zombie Booster, also known as a Zombie Enhancer, is a useful tool used to enhance the Zombie Mode gameplay experience in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This tool helps players to increase the difficulty level of the zombies as well as improve the strategy and tactics of the game.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Zombies Booster

Below are some tips and tricks to help players enhance their experience with the Black Ops Cold War Zombie Booster:

  • Use Veteran difficulty game mode: Veteran difficulty mode offers the best experience with the use of the Zombies buff. This will allow you to play Zombie mode with greater challenges, both individually and as a team.
  • Use pull-ups: using pull-ups is a great way to increase the difficulty of Zombies mode. This can also help players improve their ability to kill zombies faster and win the game.
  • Learn survival strategies: learning survival strategies is a great way to improve the effectiveness of the Zombies buff. This ability will allow players to stay alive while playing and will be able to improve their score and level of play.
  • A good team play: players need to work as a team to get the most out of the Zombies buff. This means that every player needs to act smart to get the most benefit from the zombie upgrade.

With the Zombies booster, players will be able to get a more challenging and exciting experience. This tool will offer you the opportunity to develop new skills and face new challenges with the Zombie mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

What is the Zombies buff in Cold War?

Call of Duty: Cold War has been inspiring fans since its release! Zombies mode is full of amazing content, forcing you to face hordes of terrifying zombies. The best way to help a team with this challenging task is to use a Boost.

What does an Enhancer do?

Power-Ups are special items that grant players unique powers and abilities. These items can unlock new weapons and improve the abilities of the survivors.

Tips and Tricks for Power Ups in Cold War

To help you survive, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for using your Power-ups effectively in Call of Duty: Cold War:

  • Find the Boosters: Power-ups are found in different locations within Zombies mode. This means that you will have to search to find them. These power-ups can be found as rewards for killing enemies, in chests, in white circles, as part of mission objectives, etc.
  • Using Power-ups correctly: When you get an Enhancer, you’ll need to choose how you want to use it to get the most out of its potential. For example, if you have a Fast Movement Powerup, pick up a weapon before using it. This will allow you to shoot more freely.
  • Keep an eye on life: Boosters will consume part of your life each time you use them. It’s important to make sure you don’t run out of health before using a Boost. A good trick to remember this is to try to save one half of your health to use in an emergency.
  • Exchange with companions: Powerups can also be traded between team members, helping to maintain a balance between players by offering them different abilities. So make sure you coordinate with the other members of your team to exchange the items you have.


Power-ups are useful items in Cold War’s Zombies mode. They help the players to improve their skills and weapons, so that they can survive the attacks of the zombies. Remember to keep an eye on your life when using these items and consider trading with other team members for a greater variety of abilities. Good luck!

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