what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it.

We are going to explain to you what is the electronic DNI or DNIe, an identification method that despite not being too successful, is an option that we all have available with the ID that we carry in our wallet. With it, we will be able to carry out different online procedures and electronic signatures with the same legal validity as the physical signature that you can make in your own handwriting.

This is because the DNIe has several integrated electronic certificatesTherefore, in addition to using it to identify yourself physically, it also serves to do so digitally. In this article we will tell you what it is exactly, how you can activate it to use its certificates, and what its different functions are when using it online.

what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it

What is the Electronic DNI

The National Identity Document (DNI), is issued by the General Directorate of the Police, and is the document that for 70 years has proven the identity of Spaniards. Our personal data appears in it, but over the years it has evolved and added features. In 2006, the National Electronic Identity Document (DNIe) was created, which added an integrated chip, and in January 2015 it was evolved to DNI 3.0 with the incorporation of NFC technology.

The electronic DNI serves on the one hand to physically prove your identity, but you can also use it to electronically verify your identity unequivocally. It can be used to sign documents digitally, giving them the same legal validity as if you signed them yourself.

what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it

This is so thanks to the integrated chip that you can see on the DNI. Inside that chip are, on the one hand, the same data that appears on the physical card. But also has a series of embedded electronic certificates, both for the authentication of the citizen as a person and to electronically sign documents with the same legal validity as the handwritten signature, and the digital certificate of the issuing certification authority.

The purpose of the DNI to be electronic, therefore, is that you can do various types of online procedures in Public Administrations safely and being able to comfortably verify your identity. You can also do other online procedures with public and private companies in which you need to verify your identity unequivocally, with the benefits that this has by not having to move or queue.

what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it

Thus, we can say that the DNIe is an alternative to the digital certificate. It is quite a different concept, since it is a physical format that you will always carry with you, although in both cases they allow you to identify yourself as a person when doing online procedures.

On the other hand, it should also be emphasized that The electronic DNI is the ID with a chip that we have all carried for years In Spain, although depending on whether it is the latest version or not, it may or may not have NFC technology. But their functions remain the same. Against this DNIe format is the need for a device to be able to read it, while digital certificates can simply be downloaded and installed in the browser.

what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it

How to activate the DNIe

To be able to use the electronic DNI from home, first you will have to activate their digital certificates at a police issuing station. It has to be a police station where they issue the DNI, and in fact, if you are going to renew your DNI you can take advantage of it to immediately activate their digital certificates.

In the police stations you will see some special machines like the ones in the photo you have above. In these machines you have to enter the DNI through the slot where it is indicated, and put your finger on the fingerprint reader to verify your identity. Once you have done it, the screen will guide you through the activation process.

This is something that you will only be able to do in person on these machines specifically created to manage your DNIe, it is not a process that you can do from home. In the process, you will be asked to establish a security PIN for certificates and DNIe.

what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it

Once the DNIe is activated, you will be able to use it, although you will need to have specific readers to use them on the PC or download the certificates, or an official NFC application created for the use of these chips. What’s more, certificates are valid for only five years According to the Police, and once that time has passed you will have to go back to the dispatch station and go back to one of the machines to manage the DNIe, which is where they can renew your digital certificates.

What can you do with the DNIe

You will be able to use your Electronic DNI in almost all online procedures with the public administration, since when you identify yourself you choose the option to do so with the digital certificate, that option includes DNIe certificates. Therefore, it will help you to obtain your birth certificate, or do procedures at the SEPE (State Public Employment Service) electronic office, such as obtaining your working life, looking for a job, renewing unemployment or making an appointment to make other managements.

You will also be able to use it to make an appointment with any public administration body, as well as to check your driving license points, submit grant applications, scholarship applications, or obtain the draft of the Rent and present it easily.

what it is, how to activate it and everything you can do with it

In short, its functions could be summarized by saying that it serves as a means of authenticating your identity, physically with the DNI and electronically with their certificates. It also serves as a method of electronic signature of documents, of certification of the integrity of a document, to verify that documents signed with the DNIe have not been modified by third parties.

The DNI 3.0, which is the one with the chip on the back, it can also be used as a travel document in countries that accept it, since it has a data structure equivalent to that of the passport. It is allowed to be used in the Fast Border Crossings (ABC Systems) in a totally equivalent way to a passport.