Resident Evil Zombies

Zombies are a ubiquitous fixture in the Resident Evil video game series, and for those who want to learn more about these creatures, here are some details.

What are Zombies?

Zombies are artificially created creatures from the genetic manipulation of living humans. They are programmed to obey orders, so they do not possess any individuality and possess extraordinary resistance to death.

How do humans turn into zombies?

Humans are transformed into zombies through an infected virus known as the T-virus. This virus attacks the brain and nervous system, resulting in the death of the individual before they can transform into a zombie.

How do zombies hide?

Zombies hide in shady areas such as underground tunnels, abandoned ruins, and even any cave. In this way, they remain apart from the rest of humanity.

Cheats for zombies in Resident Evil

Next, we show you some tricks to make it easier when facing the Resident Evil zombies:

  • Activate Survival Mode – This will allow you to stay alive a bit longer.
  • Get a powerful weapon: get a weapon like the sniper rifle with which you can take down your enemies more easily.
  • Use the “attack and retreat” strategy: to do this, you will have to face the zombies, but keeping a safe distance to avoid melee combat.
  • Get safe havens: It is also important to find a safe place where the zombies cannot reach. These locations are often on raised platforms, in heavily secured buildings, or even underground.

We hope this information helps you face the challenges of dealing with Resident Evil zombies.

Good luck!

Resident Evil zombies

Zombies are very popular creatures in horror movies and games, and Resident Evil is no exception. This action horror video game franchise features these undead creatures as enemies of the protagonist.

What kind of creatures are zombies in Resident Evil?

Resident Evil zombies are generally people who have been given a type of virus or creatures that are science experiments. These enemies are most common in early Resident Evil, with Purifiers being one of the most common types.

Purifiers are usually zombified corpses by a recently discovered virus also called a Purifier. These zombies are unable to think for themselves and are only driven by a survival instinct. They will often be seen ganging up on the hero, making them a bigger threat.

In addition to Purifiers, there are other zombie classes that appear in Resident Evil. These are some of those:

  • Cattle: They are people in whom the virus has taken complete control of their minds, leaving them with behavior similar to that of an animal. These zombies are very susceptible to attacks, but are still sometimes difficult to defeat. Their speed makes them particularly dangerous.
  • Giants: These zombies are the results of an immoral scientific experiment. They are much larger in size than a normal human, making them much stronger and more resistant to attacks. Still, since they don’t have rational thinking, they are easy to provoke and using explosive items is a good way to combat them.
  • Novernos: These zombies are an improved version of the originals, with greater resistance and behavior adapted to the new scenarios. They are creative and tactical zombies, capable of planning and executing surprise attacks in ways very different from the rest.

Tips to fight Resident Evil zombies

There are a number of tips that can help you easily defeat Resident Evil zombies:

  • Keep alert: The best way to stay human is to be aware of any signs of movement in the surroundings. This will help you anticipate zombie attacks.
  • Use your team: If you have weapons, use the appropriate ones according to the enemy in front of you. A shotgun can be effective against more common zombies, while an automatic pistol will be more effective against larger zombies.
  • Use the scenario to your advantage: Try to find a place with a lot of cover to protect yourself from attacks. You can also use nearby objects to defend yourself or even stun zombies for more effective attacks.

Resident Evil zombies are very dangerous creatures, but with the right tips you can fight them without any problems. These creatures are often the testing ground for very dangerous scientific experiments and can display very different behaviors and abilities. They are not usually intelligent but can be formidable enemies if underestimated.

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