What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?.

In the sea of ​​gamer peripherals, it is not easy to adapt. Now, let’s take a look at the criteria you should choose if you want to play more seriously.

While talent and countless hours of practice cannot be replaced by a high-end gamer peripheral, in most games we will need better quality equipment than our offices if we want to start up the leaderboard. Below’s an overview of what to look for if you’re looking for new hardware and don’t want to fall for a model with a cool design but performing below the expected level in terms of performance.

What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?


No matter what genre your favorite, your mouse is one of the most important peripherals in most cases. In terms of needs, MMOs may differ the most, where having as many programmable buttons as possible is important, and facilitating accurate targeting is not so important. For MOBAs, strategies, and FPS, on the other hand, most focus on pixel-point targeting instead of convenience. Therefore, lighter (less than 100 grams) and smaller mice are generally preferred by professionals.

In the case of the latter, for example, Quake veteran Zy (i.e., Rocket Jump Ninja) suggests that sixty percent of the length and width of our hand be chosen when choosing the size of our guiding mouse. Of the three known grip types (fingertip, claw, and palm), full palm holding may require a larger mouse. Of course, there are those who are better helped by a heavier mouse, which slows down their movements sooner, or a larger model, on which their hands can rest more easily.

What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?

Lenovo M800 precision mouse with variable weight

Of course, what kind of sensor will follow our movement is extremely important, but the difference between modern optical sensors is getting smaller and smaller in this respect. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in addition to software mouse acceleration (and other aids such as prediction and straightening), our mouse does not include such a function in hardware, as it is difficult to develop the muscle memory needed for really precise targeting. You might also want to look at the sampling frequency, which tends to reach 1000 Hz in mice destined for really large tournaments.

What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?

Adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor is also extremely important, but the maximum value is usually well above what professionals usually take advantage of. Low sensitivity is highly recommended for FPSs, but professional players in strategy games also barely go above 2000 CPI. There are also much more subjective topics than these, such as the shape of the mouse and the resistance of the mouse buttons, for which we can only recommend that you try as many models as possible and thus find the optimal design for you.

Mouse pad

While a fraction of a mouse pad isn’t as much a variable as it is with a mouse, we won’t be able to take advantage of our expensive device without a proper pad. The first important factor is size, as in addition to the low sensitivity required for accurate targeting, for example, making half a turn requires large hand gestures. FPSs don’t hurt with a surface that makes it easier for our mouse to glide, while MOBAs have a degree that uses a degree of better grip on the mouse pad, which helps with accuracy even with high sensitivity and small movements.

What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?

But not only the top side of our mouse pad, but also the bottom side is extremely important: all major manufacturers make sure that their mouse pads have a foundation that provides proper grip and thus stability. And those who want long-lasting peripherals should look for edged-edged versions, which further increases the durability of the washer.


After the mouse-mouse pad combo, this is the second most important peripheral, for which comfort and sound are the two primary considerations. For long hours of practice, it is essential that the headset does not rest on the ear, but is surrounded by a pillow, but with the padding of the headband or the weight of the headphones, it does not matter how much force the two speaker units press on the head. In terms of sound, unfortunately, we can only find out primarily by trying out a headset or by the opinions of others, which is perhaps the most difficult part of the selection process.

Of course, there are personal preferences in this as well, as some live and die for accentuated bass, while others blame the amplification of deep sounds as the biggest flaw in gamer headsets. With microphones, on the other hand, it’s easy to find a sound sample in various video tests, and because of in-game communication, that’s not a negligible aspect at all. It’s also worth mentioning the virtual 7.1 sound that plenty of headsets offer today. While this is indeed a better indication of the direction of different noise sources than a normal stereo model, digital solutions also have a serious impact on tone, which is not an acceptable compromise for everyone.

What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?


This is where we begin to arrive in the realm of milliseconds, which need to be paid special attention at a high level, but do not make a huge difference below a certain level. If we set up our games and display incorrectly, it can take up to a tenth of a second to issue an instruction until we can see the result on the screen. As a result, we can control our character less precisely, which is a logical disadvantage in a competitive situation.

To avoid this, we need to pay particular attention to the response time and image refresh, as in addition to the low response time, the high frame rate also helps us to see the new status of the game as soon as possible. Another issue is that TN panels that provide this at an affordable price tend to show less vibrant colors than the other commonly used technology, IPS. However, if you want to play above the standard 60 fps, you may want to choose monitors that support G-Sync or FreeSync technologies. These can dynamically adjust the image refresh of our display within a certain limit, which means we can play without a fragmented image even if our frame rate does not reach the current maximum, say 120 or 144.


Last but not least, let’s talk about the keyboard. While gamer keyboards are a match for which one can spectacularly illuminate your keys, the exterior isn’t really the main reason why they cost more than an average model. In most cases, for example, they eliminate the phenomenon of ghosting, meaning that pressing multiple keys that are close to each other does not cause ghosts with additional buttons in the vicinity that we do not even touch. In addition, instead of the six letters and four modifiers that can be detected by normal keyboards at the same time, you can press multiple keys at the same time, and all of them are detected by gamer models, which can sometimes be extremely useful.

What peripherals should you use if you want to be an e-athlete?

While programmable macro buttons can come in handy in single-player modes, most multis clients do not allow us to automate tasks, so we have limited use of this. However, it’s worth taking a look at the mechanical keyboards market, which are extremely rugged (for example, the switches in the Lenovo Y mechanical keyboard are certified for 50 million keystrokes each) and can be easily repaired because each key has a separate switch. In addition, mechanical models do not detect keystrokes at the bottom of the keyway, but at halfway through, so we can be even faster. In addition, we can get different tactile or audible feedback depending on the type, which is also extremely enjoyable and useful.

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