what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them.

We are going to explain to you what are the Permanent Cl @ ve and the PIN Cl @ ve, two of the methods that the Government of Spain makes available to us to be able to identify ourselves when carrying out procedures with the public administration. Therefore, these are alternatives to digital certificates that we will be able to use.

We are going to start by explaining what the cl @ ve system is and end by telling you how to register in it. And along the way we are going to tell you what the differences are between the two methods that you will be able to use later, one designed for more sporadic entries in public administration systems and the other with a permanent password.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

What is the Cl @ ve system

On the administration’s websites you will be able to do many things, from filing the income statement to requesting aid, going through things such as the renewal of unemployment. Therefore, it is important that the public administration has a reliable system to identify yourself as a person unequivocally, so that no one can impersonate you.

And one of the identification methods is the Cl @ ve system, which is designed to unify and simplify access to electronic procedures of the public administration. In this way, when you create a permanent Cl @ ve or a Cl @ ve PIN, these access codes will serve you on all pages of the public administration.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

Thus, it is avoided that on each official website or in each procedure you have to register separately, and then have to remember and manage different passwords. Here, it will always be the same password for the different administrative services, which will make everything a little easier for citizens.

The Cl @ ve system is an alternative that complements other access systems through digital certificates such as the DNIe or the FNMT certificate. The system allows you both to identify yourself on the pages and make electronic signatures in processes where it is necessary to present documents digitally.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

The Cl @ ve identification system has several different aspects or methods. On the one hand, the aforementioned digital certificates are part of it, but it also has two identification systems based on agreed keys, with an identification system and a password chosen by the user. These are the permanent Cl @ ve and the PIN Cl @ ve.

What is the Permanent Cl @ ve

This authentication system is based on the use of a user code, which is the DNI or NIE of each person. In addition, in the process of activating this Cl @ ve PIN you will also set a password that only you should know, and that will help you to log into the system.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

But as is evident, a user code based on the DNI and a password are often not enough to make the identification process safe. So, in processes that require a high level of security The system will also send you a one-time password by SMS, and you will have to enter this as a second step in the identification process after entering your password.

This permanent key is addressed to users who usually use the administration services on a regular basis, so that they can resort to a method as simple as using a username and password reinforced by the verification in two steps of the SMS. In addition, this system will allow signing in the cloud.

What is the Cl @ ve PIN

Just as the permanent key has a credential that you can use for a longer period of time for when you use many administration services, the PIN key is the opposite, and It is aimed at users who access more sporadically to these services, and has a much more limited validity in time.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

In this case, the system is based on an identification code that you choose, but with a PIN that is given to you every time you log in, and that it will always be different. Therefore, it is as if your username is always the same, but you have a dynamic password that is delivered to you through the Cl @ ve PIN application or an SMS.

In this aspect, its ease of use is that you won’t need to remember any password, since the PIN you need to verify your identity will always be the same. In addition, as this PIN has a very limited validity in time, it will be very safe in the event that you write it down somewhere and then someone sees it.

Differences between Permanent Cl @ ve and PIN Cl @ ve

Both the Permanent Cl @ ve and the PIN Cl @ ve are both integrated into the Cl @ ve system, which means that you will be able to use either of the two depending on which one involves a greater effort or which one is more comfortable depending on the characteristics.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

As for the differences, these are few and They are oriented to the fact that one system is designed for sporadic users and the other for those who use the services more of the public administration. Therefore, two types of user and two quite different philosophies.

The Permanent Cl @ ve seeks to provide you with a system with a fixed username and password, which will always be the same so that you can memorize them and use them quickly when you need them. However, as we have told you above, in particularly sensitive processes you will need a security PIN that will be sent to you via SMS.

While, the Cl @ ve PIN has a PIN password that changes every time that you are going to use a service where you need it. The password will be a PIN that will be sent to you by SMS or by the Cl @ ve PIN or SMS mobile application. The advantage of this system is that its keys are ephemeral, so since they cannot be reused they are somewhat more secure.

Where you can use it

The State Administrative Public Sector began to enable this system during 2015 in all services and electronic procedures that are aimed at citizens. This means that when you have to do a procedure with the administration, today you will always have the option of identifying yourself with the Cl @ ve system.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

Being an alternative to digital certificates, all the procedures that you can do with them can also be done with this PIN code.

We really don’t have much more to tell you here. Simply, whenever you are going to do any procedure with the public administrationAmong the systems that you can use to verify your identity will be that of Cl @ ve.

How to register

To register in the Cl @ ve system you have to enter this website. On this page, you have two options to register in the key system, being the most comfortable to use the electronic certificate. The first option is longer, since it requires entering all your data and waiting for a confirmation letter to be sent to you.

what they are, how they differ and what can you do with them

To register in the Permanent Cl @ ve You have to go back to the same website and click on the Generate activation code option. You will have to write your ID and your date of birth, and then accept the conditions of use. At the end of the process, An activation code will be generated for you that you can download by PDF.

Then, on the same website where you are given the password, you will be given a second step that takes you to this other website. In it you will see the form of the capture, where you will have to fill in data such as your ID, but adding your email code and the activation key of the next step.