What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

A couple of days ago I had a mishap. I went to deposit money into someone else’s account at a large bank ATM. I put the notes down and waited.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

The ATM froze and stopped working.

The problem is doubly unpleasant because I did not enter my card, I did not identify myself in any way, and I was sending money to someone else. It turns out that 30,000 rubles have disappeared.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

If you find yourself in this situation too, don’t panic. It is resolved, the money will be returned or credited to the correct account.

What to do if the ATM only hangs with the card

You have inserted a card, the ATM hangs up or turns off, there is no time to insert the money.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

If that’s the case, there are two options below.

1. When an ATM is near a branch

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

If there is an ATM near the service office, do not hesitate to go. Indicate the problem and give your card number (at least its last digits) and show your passport. The agent will open the ATM and withdraw your card. You can continue to use it.

It happened to me at Banco Alfa: an ATM near the branch malfunctioned, I got my card back after 5 minutes.

2. When the ATM is far from the branch.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

If the ATM is far from the bank office, first block the card through the application or by calling the hotline. Secondly, look for the identification number and contact telephone number in the ATM, they should always be on the front. Call, dictate the number and nature of the problem.

This happened to me at a VTB ATM. The card was not returned, no one was there, and he did not show up for 15 minutes. I hope that all-consuming ATM has finally been fixed. In these cases you don’t have to call anyone as you have to reissue it anyway, but it’s still the right thing to do.

It’s a shame, but it’s easier to reissue it than to go through the trouble of dredging it. Also, I’ve never seen a help desk worker go to a remote ATM and fix the problem in the same day.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

What to do if an ATM has eaten the money?

This is where the interesting story begins, and again you have two ways to do it.

1. The ATM accepted money, had a failure, but did not close

Many ATMs do not have ATMs. If you deposit and then something goes wrong, you have to get the money back with a lot of hassle.

The logic of the ATM is that at the time of depositing the money, the beneficiary is already identified, and this data is saved retroactively even in the event of a malfunction. Once the ATM problem is solved, the amount will arrive at the address, either your card or someone else’s.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

Often, in the case of these breakdowns, a receipt with the service information is automatically printed. Shows the time of entry, the amount and the error code. DO NOT LOSE this check, you need it to solve the problem quickly and remotely.

Find the customer service number and unique equipment identifier on the front of the ATM. Call the bank and report, dictating the time, the amount and the error code of the receipt.

In most cases, the issue is resolved within a few hours, well 2-3 business days at the most. On rare occasions you will have to go to the bank office and collect the amount in cash.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

2. the ATM has taken the notes and died

Small problem, they’ll fix it now.

You didn’t transfer them to the correct account and you didn’t write a check. The jackpot!

Proceed as in the previous option, but without the check: take a photo or write down the number of the machine, dial the customer service number and calmly begin to explain the situation with all the details, without pressing it.

Remember the time, take a photo of the error on the screen, you can even record a short video. This can help in a dispute with the bank.

Remember that terminals and ATMs are equipped with a surveillance camera, which will help prove that it was you who worked with him and deposited the money. Witness testimony will be relevant, but finding someone willing to drag you through offices and representations is unlikely (unless he’s a relative).

After a routine (or not-so-routine) check at the ATM and cash withdrawal, an “extra” amount of money will appear that has been hanging around and has not been transferred. This money will be returned to your account (if you have identified it or to your card), returned to the branch or transferred to the address it was originally intended for.

The conclusion is simple: go to a bank branch to transfer large amounts. It is safer and more secure.

What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up

P.S. As always, I’m looking forward to hearing your amazing stories about similar situations. Surely with our banks there will be a lot to tell. There’s enough for a couple of thrillers.

PPS In some ATMs you can “force” remove the inserted card by pressing the red CANCEL button or by pressing it for 5-10 seconds.

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What to do if an ATM takes money and hangs up