What to do in Pokémon sword after the league?.

What to do in pokemon sword after league? Pokémon, regardless of the saga it is, is one of the greatest video game classics, the best thing about this type of game is that after finishing the main story, that is, after winning the league you can do a lot of extra things or post game, this means that no matter how you left the game, you can always pick up where you left off and catch all the Pokémon you want.

So if you finished the game and managed to beat all the gym bosses, there are several things you can do to continue your game without having to delete progress or anything like that, which is why in this article we are going to show you some of them. the things you can do to continue and not get bored trying to complete the game 100% because like every gamer you want to finish it completely.

What to do in Pokémon sword after the league?

Catch the Legendary Pokemon

In case you wonder what to do in pokemon sword after the leaguethe main thing and that you cannot leave aside is to catch the boss of bosses of the game, that is, the legendary Pokémon and how to achieve this, it is simple since at the end of the league what you have left is to receive the master ball with which you can catch any pokemon on the first try and use it at the right time, it would just be looking for the pokemon.

  • Get the Master ball.
  • Look for the legendary Pokémon called Zacian.
  • Catch him with the Master ball.
  • Last but not least level up the legendary Pokémon and use it in battles.
  • Level up easily by participating in the league

    Something that many players dedicate themselves to doing after finishing the league is to continue playing but in order to level up the Pokémon they like the most or the Pokémon they consider strongest within their battle ranks, this is why the best way leveling up the pokemon is to put them to fight, what better than to do it in fights with high-level gym leaders that will give you a lot of experience per combat and will make leveling up easy

    What to do in Pokémon sword after the league?

    get rare items

    Something that many do after finishing the main story is dedicate themselves 100% to their Pokémon and of course also to the eggs, if you go to the hotel in the Auriga town, go to the first floor and talk to the police officer and then Defeating him will give you an item that will help you increase the chances of hatching called the Oval Charm, one of the best things what to do in pokemon sword after the league It is hatching everything to know what you had saved.

    complete the pokedex

    This is one of the most complicated tasks that exist in this type of game and that you probably won’t be able to do it completely, we’ve all wanted to catch them all but many of them are elusive or only appear in the most remote places without you being able to catch them so Something that you can do after finishing the league and that will challenge you is to get all the Pokémon in the sword edition series, if you really do, you are a person to admire.

    What to do in Pokémon sword after the league?