About a month before the market launch of the Pixel 7 series, we want to bring you up to date again. Google had already shown the new Android phones in the spring, but was very reticent about the technical details. Of course, you don’t want to give too much away. However, a lot is already known.

Various key data have long been known through insiders, publicly accessible source codes and some other sources. And because prototypes and finished devices got into the wrong hands again, secrecy could hardly be maintained. Stupid for those who don’t feel like leaks.

In the last two months, for example, various photos of prototypes that could no longer be used have appeared. That was the first impression of the new devices on photos, which show more details than the manufacturer’s soft renderings.

How to download Telegram photos?

You can also see the significantly revised design of the camera bar very well in comparison.

This also made it visually clear for the first time that the regular Pixel 7 is smaller and more compact than the rather bulky Pixel 6. The screen diagonal is probably 0.2″ less. That was really good news that Unbox Therapy had for us in August.

Here the prototypes were still in the picture, without the Google logo and not usable. A short time later there was the first unboxing video of the Pixel 7 Pro with the finished RRP and Google logo on the back. Google just doesn’t have a handle on its supply chains. However, it is confirmation that the release is imminent.

Why isn’t Google responding?

When will the new Google Pixel 7 phones launch? If we believe the insider circles, Google is said to have committed to October 6th. This has now been officially confirmed. From today’s perspective, that is exactly one month and therefore also one month after Apple (September 7th). Listed below are the specs we know today.

Google announces date for Pixel 7 event

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro technical details:

  • 6.3 inch (90 Hz) gOLED display, Gorilla Glass 7 (Pixel 7)
    6.7 inch (120 Hz) pOLED display, Gorilla Glass 7 (Pixel 7 Pro)
  • Google Tensor G2 processor, 5 nm manufacturing
  • 128 or 256 GB storage (not expandable)
  • 8 GB RAM memory (Pixel 7)
    12 GB RAM memory (Pixel 7 Pro)
  • 4,355 mAh battery, fast charging, wireless charging (Pixel 7)
    5,000 mAh battery, fast charging, wireless charging (Pixel 7 Pro)
  • 50 MP OIS camera, 12 MP ultra wide angle (Pixel 7)
    50 MP OIS camera, 48 MP telephoto (5x – 30x zoom), 12 MP ultra wide angle + macro function (Pixel 7 Pro)
  • 11 MP front camera for 4K videos and Face Unlock
  • New Super Res Zoom and more – major camera update
  • Fingerprint sensor in the display, IP68, eSIM, Titan M2 security chip, stereo speakers
  • Colors: Obsidian, Snow, Lemongrass (Pixel 7)
    Colors: Obsidian, Snow, Hazel (Pixel 7 Pro)
  • 155.64 x 73.16 x 8.7mm, 195g (Pixel 7)
    162.9 x 76.55 x 8.9mm, 212g (Pixel 7 Pro)
  • Android 13 out of the box with Google Apps
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  • Pixel 7 Pro review
  • RRP prices from 649 euros (Pixel 7) or 899 euros (Pixel 7 Pro)