What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic.

In this serial only attention for the smallest! Those things that do not always stand out while playing, but that you are very happy to be there as soon as you discover them. This time we go back in time and check the (forgotten) details of BioShock!

The previous two episodes of Oog voor Detail I dug deep into the details of God of War and Detroit: Become Human, but because it is a bit quiet in terms of major releases this month, Wouter came up with the brilliant idea to release a somewhat older game. to fluff. A classic edition! And then there is no better game to start with than one of everyone’s favorite classics: BioShock.

What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic

At the release in 2007 we were very impressed with the graphics, but it is mainly the atmosphere, the style and the level design that are still not boring. What also helps, of course, is that the game had a great remaster two years ago, which I also used for this article. But what about the little things in BioShock? Here are some of the coolest details that you must have long forgotten about, or perhaps never thought about in all those playthroughs of yours.

Jack works at Irrational?

For interesting details we don’t have to look far in BioShock, because right in the intro we already find a kind of Easter egg. On the plane, we see briefly the inside of Jack’s wallet, where a card protrudes with the old Irrational Games logo. When BioShock appeared, Irrational Games actually no longer existed, but it was officially called 2K Boston (to be later renamed back to Irrational Games). Also nice: the guy in the picture who is supposed to represent Jack is actually Bill Gardner, designer of the first level of the game. Click here for an image with more detail from the BioShock Wiki.

What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic

Laplante, for all your piping

Have you ever taken a good look at those beautiful pliers, the first weapon you have at your disposal in BioShock? This tool, a pipe wrench to be precise, appears to have been made by a company called LAPLANTE. To my knowledge you will not find this name further in the game, but it is not chosen at random either. A short Google search will bring you to Hogarth de la Plante, an environment artist for BioShock and later head environment artist for BioShock 2.

Deleted plasmid

There are always features that don’t make it to the final game, but in this case the ad was already ready and turned out to be too cool to get out of it. Then of course I am talking about the teleportation plasmid! Houdini Splicers are now happily teleporting, but unfortunately this option has been canceled for the player. Fortunately, we still have the poster.

What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic

Lame nails

Speaking of posters, they don’t all hang equally firmly on the wall. For example, I accidentally tapped one, which then fell to the ground so dramatically (complete with swirling flakes of paint) that I almost felt guilty about it. Fortunately, it was not just me, because with most other lists there is just no movement.

Welcome to the circus of values!

More a fun fact than a detail and one that a little fan probably knew: that annoying clown from the Circus of Values ​​machines, that you have to hear hundreds of times in the game, is voiced by Ken Levine himself, the brain behind the game. The El Ammo Bandito machines were voiced by Mauricio Tejerina, a concept artist for System Shock 2, BioShock and BioShock Infinite.

What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic

A wide range of funeral options

If they can’t save you in the Medical Pavilion, you can always go to Twilight Fields Funeral Homes. As soon as you walk in you immediately see a huge menu above the counter, which I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at. Chests, urns, cremation, or of course a ‘Burial at Sea’. Hmm, where did I hear that before …

Hello jumbo

A well-known logo can be found in the Farmers Market! I never knew that that one Dutch supermarket originally comes from Rapture.

In the spotlight

Fort Frolic, definitely my favorite part of the game, is all about showbiz. And where the artists are normally central here, you are now in the spotlight yourself. Literally! In the central atrium of Sander Cohen’s play palace, there is always one bright lamp aimed tightly at your knar. So if you noticed that those splicers always know how to find you so easily, now you understand why.

What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic

Tee off for flavor

Rapture is therefore packed with cool advertisements, but I never really understood this advertisement for Nico Time cigarettes. What is the connection between these butts and golf teeing off? Am I missing a certain pun here? Could this be a reference to the town boss’s unfortunate end? If it had been called “Tee off for taste”, then at least it still sounds like something …

Wet eyes

Is it still necessary to talk about BioShock water? Everyone knows that the widely represented liquid stuff was technically very impressive for that time, but nowadays we don’t really look up to it anymore. Still, I don’t want to leave out one cool detail when it comes to water, one that contributes very much to the ‘wet’ atmosphere of the game. I still can’t get enough of the simple but effective visual effect of walking through a waterfall. Blup!

So much for this classic episode of Oog voor Detail, about known and less known details in the first BioShock. I could easily name 10 cool things, because this was barely half the game, but then you can keep busy. Do you remember cool details in BioShock? Or do you have any suggestions for a game I should do next time? Throw it in the comments!

What you didn’t notice in BioShock – Eye for Detail Classic

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