What Zelda is next after Majora’s Mask?.

What Zelda is next after Majora’s Mask? The Legend of Zelda game franchise already has more than 35 years in the market and has 64 different titleswhich makes it one of the oldest sagas of adventure games that exist in the industry.

This franchise is one of the most played in the whole world and it has millions of fans, who even today continue to remember and play it, for many it is one of their first video games and without a doubt a milestone within this productive industry.

What Zelda is next after Majora’s Mask?

The legend

As already indicated, this video game is one of the most played worldwide, and continues to be so today, and it is that the Legend of Zelda is an icon of video games, has been played at least once by this community of fans of this industry, which is growing every day.

each of the games that has gone on the market contains a story and new adventures in which Link, one of the main characters of the saga lives new adventures, its creators have taken care to always maintain the interest of the players and the originality in the stories, and it is precisely this one of the qualities that stands out from other video games.

What Zelda is next after Majora’s Mask?

Before Mayora’s Mask

This video game is a direct derivation of the Ocarina Of Time, and it is that at the end of this game the following story begins, in this case everything begins when Link is transported to the past where the players have the opportunity to meet and live with Link again in childhood.

Mayora´s Mask

In this installment of the saga all the action takes place in Link’s childhood And of course, during the course of the game, all the pasts of our hero’s past are revived and he confronts them and, of course, looks for a way to overcome or overcome them.

What Zelda is next after Majora’s Mask?

In order to do so, the character uses a series of magical masks that will help him achieve his objectives, including avoiding the destruction of Termina, for this he will only have 3 days, the side stories of this installment are somewhat deeper and as always take the character to other levels of improvement and acceptance.

After Mayora’s Mask

If any of the games in this saga can be considered the sequel to this title, it is twilight princess, which goes on the market in 2006, but nevertheless it will resume some of the arguments of the secondary stories that are handled by Mayora’s Mask.

What Zelda is next after Majora’s Mask?

For this installment, the action takes place in a time line, no longer in the past but parallel, so you live in two different moments in history. For many, this game does not have a very strong plot, but it does provide some foundations for the slightly more happening themes seen in previous installments.